3 Ways Embracing the Internet Will Help Your Job Search

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If you’re not looking for work using the web, it’s about time you did and the following simple statistics should persuade you. In 1998 (when only a small proportion of the world knew about the internet), there were over twenty-eight million jobs listed on the net. According to Pam Dixon’s book, “Job Searching Online For Dummies,” over 17,000 new job opportunities are posted on the net each week. The book further states that recruiters and employers use the internet to make approximately 48% of all successful hires.

As it is evident from these facts, a high number of recruiters and employers are making good use of the web and so should you.

Want to learn how to utilize the Internet as a job-hunting tool? Here are five handy tips on how to make full use of the web to breathe new life to your career needs.

1. Create electronic versions of your documents

Most employees still consider resumes and cover letters as a first measure for considering a job application. To ensure that you’re ready for any job opportunities that arise, you should keep an up-to-date copy of these documents in a computer folder just in case you’re required to feature them on your job application email.

2. Beat the competition by standing out

It is important that you invest in methods that make you to stand out and really attract the employer’s eye. You can do so by:

  • Posting video resumes instead of just written documents.
  • Design an online portfolio where recruiters can view your details in an exclusive manner.
  • Use social friends to connect with professionals within your industry. (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all good springboards for landing an online job.)

3. Narrow your options

As mentioned earlier, the internet features thousands of job posts on a weekly basis. Therefore, you are highly likely to drown in information if you don’t have specific preferences in mind. Before you even think about navigating different job boards, identify your niche and pick a specific industry (or region) where you feel your skills are in demand. You can narrow your options on job boards further by searching for specific company names, salary range, and experience requirements.

To remain up-beat with the happenings in your target industries, register for regular email alerts. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any good opportunities.

About the Author: Annie Dodson is a career consultant and blogger from Australia. She has been blogging for over five years, mainly about business, management and HR. Currently she is working as a marketing consultant at Apply Direct. In her spare time Annie enjoys cycling, yoga and cooking for her friends.

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