5 Things You Need in Order to Have a Better Fresh Grad Experience


Getting your groove on after graduation is easier said than done. Take it from someone who just went there and had a hard time adjusting to a new lifestyle. I had to learn everything from scratch! Fortunately, I had friends who showed me the ropes plus the ever awesome Internet by my side.

The point is that you can’t rely on your school smarts alone to net you a job right away. You need to be resourceful and think of ways on how to get out of that student mentality while marketing yourself at the same time. Here are five things you could use as personal reminders in order to have a better fresh graduate experience.

Avoid abusing social media

A lot of newbie graduates think that the cyber space is their scapegoat from reality. They rant, curse and share relationship problems on their Facebook walls and Twitter accounts. Try not to do this yourself because it will cause you more harm than good in the long run.

You’re not just a snotty twelve year-old who can say what you want, anytime you want. You’re a degree holder and chances are, employers will do their homework on you. As the famous cop line goes, anything you say can be used and will be used against you

Think twice before you say anything

In connection with the first tip, you need to be wary of the things that’s going to come out of your mouth (or keyboard). Having enemies when you’re working is never okay. Burning bridges simply means losing opportunities. Take care of your connections by speaking only when you need to.

Moreover, you don’t need to constantly update people on where you are right now and what you’re eating. Discipline is a trait that’s going to take you to places. Practice it well and you’re going to be one step closer to that elusive success.

It’s not about you anymore

A lone wolf will never survive in the modern jungle of today. Being a member of the workplace simply means that you’re going to work with another person, regardless whether you like it or not. If you wish to thrive as an employee then you need to learn how to prioritize work over personal preference.

Letting your emotions get the best out of you is pretty much self-sabotage. Instead of being immature, use your head and do your share of work.

Dress to impress people

The first thing that people will notice when they see you is your outward appearance. This simply means that you need to represent yourself in the best way possible. Shop for clothes that you can use for workdays and special gatherings. For starters, you need at least two sets of formal attires and five sets of semi-formal attires in that closet of yours.

Remember that you don’t need to wear anything flashy or expensive. As long as it works then it should be fine. Save money whenever you can because you’re going to need it.

Diligence is often rewarded

Do your job wholeheartedly if you ever get employed. Perseverance and patience will help you earn the fruits of your hard work. Don’t think of what your company could do for you. Instead, think of what you could do for the company.

In addition to that, avoid quitting just because things become complicated and difficult. No job is easy and you have to learn how to evolve as a member of the work force. Otherwise, be prepared to experience the same thing over and over again in your future employment.

Your new lifestyle is going to test how much you’ve really learned at school. Be prepared, steel yourself and never say never. The future is always yours to make!

 About the Author: Veronica Finch is a fresh graduate from New Orleans University who is currently working as a freelance writer for  SuperiorPapers.com. She also contributes to various web sites in the hopes of making a name for herself in the writing industry.

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