5 Tools To Increase Your Productivity at Work


We all like to be productive at work (our employers like it, too).  Productive employees are those who are engaged and invested in their work and who can see how their work fits in to the larger company picture. But how much time do you really spend doing work and how much time are you wasting? When are you most productive?

The Wall Street Journal helps employees understand just that with their coverage of new tools that can track screen time, collect thoughts, and monitor physiological signs that affect productivity. Here are six cool new tools to help people track their success:

1. RescueTime.com

RescueTime is a tool that automatically measures how long you spend on any given website or application. Users can also keep track of time they spend away from their computer. This tool can help you see what sites distract you the most from work, for how long, and during what times of the day. Plus, RescueTime allows users to block certain sites (read: the distracting ones) for specified time periods.

Say you have a deadline and have no time to waste, but keep getting distracted by your Twitter feed — use RescueTime to block Twitter for the remaining time before your deadline, and you’ll have an easier time staying on track.

2. TallyZoo.com

TallyZoo allows you to track any type of data, both personal or professional, and creates interactive graphs that show you trends and patterns. You can input how much time you spend doing certain work (i.e., for different clients) and input it into TallyZoo to see patterns of your work and habits. Nifty!

3. Simpleology.com

Simpleology allows you to organize, prioritize and track your “to-do” list. Its slogan, “be done faster,” is representative of how the tool works: everything you need to do is in one place where you can see it all at once and track your progress. Plus, Simpleology offers help to deter distractions and procrastination.

4. HeartMath.com

HeartMath is a tool to monitor your heart-rate variability and offers informative materials to use this information to reduce stress. Stress is common in the workplace, especially in fast-paced industries, and can cause mental and physical problems (plus, did you know stressed employees cost more to the company?). Use HeartMath to control your stress levels and keep your mind focused to be the best you can be.

5. GravityEight.com

GravityEight helps you track and assess your life in eight pieces: health, finance, relationships, career, spirituality, community, learning, and leisure. This tool can give you a comprehensive view of where you stand in many aspects of your life, professional and personal.

What do you think of these productivity tools? Will you use any of them?

For this post, Doostang thanks our friends at Come Recommended.

About the Author:  Kate D’Amico is in her senior year at Virginia Tech where she is studying communications with an emphasis in public relations as well as psychology and special events management and marketing. She has prior internship experience in corporate communications and public relations for technology, nonprofit, and association clients.


  1. Sam says

    Hi doostang, thanks for sharing these tools! I’d surely try HeartMath.com this weekend as I’m impressed on how you explained its features. Meanwhile, I don’t use RescueTime for time tracking since we’ve had Time Doctor ever since we started an outsourcing business 2 years ago. What I liked with this software is it can track your time even if there’s no internet connection and the data will just be uploaded to their servers when your connection is up and running again.

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