Doostang Employer Spotlight: Janes Capital Partners


Janes Capital Partners (Irvine, CA) is a boutique investment bank, specializing in the aerospace and defense industry.  Their clients are middle market firms, and their primary product is Mergers & Acquisitions.

Interested in learning more about Janes Capital? Visit their website, and connect on LinkedIn.

Interview with Rick Phillips, Managing Director at Janes Capital Partners

What is the work culture like at Janes Capital?

The work culture is team based.  We are a small business, so everybody has to work together in a team.  We are collegial, but success driven because we are bankers.  We are very focused on achieving success for our clients.

What are the common attributes of your top performers?

Everybody at our firm is intelligent and capable.  The number one thing that sets people apart is attitude.  You have to really want to succeed as an investment banker.  You should be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success for your client.  Also, raw intelligence to figure out problems and the financial skills to do the work counts.  Our top performers have great people skills: the skills to get along with the client, the people in the firm, and the other organizations that are on the other side of the deal.

You also have to be very good at handling and juggling multiple priorities.  The ability to meet commitments makes a good performer.  Work migrates to the people you can count on to do the work right, on time, with minimal errors.

What are you looking for in a new hire?

Attitude, skills, and intelligence, with some amount of experience.  One of the things that sets our hiring process apart is that we have a skills-based project as an integral part of our hiring process.  All of our candidates submit a project that demonstrates basic investment banking skills including quantitative, qualitative and writing aspects.

We’re also looking for people that we think will be fun to work with and who enjoy the industry, which is required to succeed in investment banking.

3 reasons to work here:

-Opportunity to contribute to a growing firm.

-Learn a ton.

-It’s a place that wants everybody in the organization to succeed.

Any advice for job seekers interested in Janes Capital?

You really need to understand both the job you’re applying for and the company you’re applying to when you send in the application and cover letter.  You can tell who actually knows what they are getting into.  We’re a growing boutique investment bank and we’re always looking for people who have the capability to succeed in a small, client focused bank, and who are interested in aerospace and defense.



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