Doostang Employer Spotlight: McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc.


Interview with Linda McLaughlin: Director, Marketing and Business Development for McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc.


What sets McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc. apart from other financial services employers?

There are many different types of financial services employers in terms of size, mission, service or product offered, and so on.  Our firm is a smaller, fee-based boutique wealth management firm working independently with advisors offering investment advisory, wealth management & retirement plan consulting to individuals and businesses.   Our main office is in Haddonfield, NJ and we serve clients primarily in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida as well as in other parts of the US.

What is the work culture like at McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc.?

The primary goal of our firm is to do what is right and best for our clients.  We work together as a team toward that goal every day.  That being said, the work environment at our firm is one that is flexible on both sides of the fence.   Sometimes that means staff members going above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done.  We also, however, respect the personal lives of our staff and that sometimes that means providing for time flexibility.   Being a smaller, independent firm, we are able to do this much more easily than might be possible in a larger institution.  In addition, there is significant opportunity for employees to grow in their positions.  Given our size, independence, and future plans for growth, career opportunity is what you make of it at McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc.

What are the common attributes of your top performers?  

We have two types of people working with our firm……support staff and financial advisors.  There are common attributes among all of our people which include first and foremost integrity and a commitment to excellence.   Our top staff members are professional, organized, detail-oriented, able to work well as a team, have the desire to learn and grow, possess a positive attitude, are self-starters, understand that the client comes first, and are willing to go above and beyond when the need arises.   Our top financial advisors are trustworthy, client-focused, set high standards for themselves, forward-thinking, action-oriented, tenacious and always looking for new opportunities.  They have a desire to continue to learn more about the industry and above all are excellent listeners.  If they can’t listen to our clients and really understand what they need, they can’t help do what is right for that client.

What are you looking for in a new hire?

People who want to become part of our team, are willing to work hard and make a difference, and come into the job with a sense of professional commitment.  We want honest, hard-working, committed employees who want to grow themselves professionally with us.  We want people who plan to stay around, not people who are passing through for short-term hire.  We want team players, people who are open-minded and willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.  We are always looking for quality people to work with and represent our firm as we take much pride in who we are, what we represent, and the value we deliver to our clients.

 3 Reasons to work here:

1. Being a part of a top wealth management firm providing superior service to our clients;

2. Significant opportunity to grow and creating your own career path in an entrepreneurial atmosphere;

3. Potential for added income based upon firm performance.

Any advice for job seekers interested in McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc.?

Apply if you want to become part of our team.  We are a hard-working and fun group of people to work with every day!

Interested in McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc? Visit their
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