Doostang Employer Spotlight: Thornburg Investment Management


What sets Thornburg Investment Management apart from other financial services employers?

One of our values is that “we are committed to employees.”  This is our mandate, and we take it seriously.  The fact that we are a privately owned firm – unlike many other financial services companies – means that we can offer our employees growth and opportunity without interference from a third party who may only be concerned about our bottom line.

What is the work culture like at Thornburg Investment Management?

We are a collegial firm that is fairly flat in organizational structure.  This means that anyone in the company has access to upper management. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, but are also able to maintain a friendly work environment.  That “family” atmosphere is a core part of our culture.

What are the common attributes of your top performers?

Beyond their individual talents, the common attributes of Thornburg’s top performers are those that embody the company’s shared cultural norms and values.

We do the right thing
We act with integrity and put our clients first.

We think for the long term
We engage in thoughtful decision making and believe that investment excellence should drive our decisions.

We work together to achieve common goals
We show respect and humility towards each other and our clients.
We believe in creating a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality, and effective communication.

We strive for excellence
We make the extra effort, practice continuous improvement, and stay flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.

We are committed to employees
We foster an environment that provides flexibility and opportunity for growth, while also requiring accountability.

We are independent
We will remain a privately owned, independent firm to ensure that we act in the best interest of our clients and employees.

We are community minded
We support philanthropic giving and encourage employee volunteerism.
What are you looking for in a new hire?

We are looking for people who are naturally collaborative, creative, and driven. We want employees who are never satisfied with the status quo.

Three Reasons to work here:

1. Room for advancement: Thornburg is committed to the development of employees and is a great place to build a career. Additionally, an educational reimbursement program is available for eligible employees who seek further education.  Training and educational advancements are also integrated into the employee annual review process.

2. Retention programs: We offer a competitive base salary, discretionary annual bonus, company-wide profit sharing, and the potential for employee ownership.

3. Culture: Thornburg Investment Management’s collegial work environment creates a great place to work.

Any advice for job seekers interested in Thornburg Investment Management?

One open position can garner hundreds of applicants. We receive many qualified applicants so highlight your uniqueness through a cover letter. A resume is more of a list of facts about you, while the cover letter gives us insight into your personality. We hire people, not resumes.

Interested in learning more about Thornburg Invesment Management? Visit their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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