Doostang News August 9: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – Part 2

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It’s time for the second installment of thoughtful answers to those interview questions that leave you reeling.  We devote several blogs to this matter, not because we feel that there’s much room for error in the interview, but because there’s lots of space for you to shine if you approach the toughies the right way.  So read on for our suggestions to some of the more challenging talking points.

What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

This one is tricky because it basically implies, “How long do you see yourself working for us?”  Especially as far as an entry-level job is concerned, most hiring managers know that you’re not going to want to stick around for one job forever.  But how do you ensure that they’ll get a good return on their investment in you?  Explain to the interviewer that you would like to have a career with the company – that you want to be challenged, realize success within the organization, and eventually move up the ladder.  Tell the interviewer that as long as the company is good for you and you are good for them, your long-term plan is to stay on board and grow with the company.

Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

When describing why you want to work for a company, make sure to avoid broad answers.  It’s okay to give answers that are specific to the industry, but remember to go further than that and give specific examples as well.  Make sure you are current on the latest company news, and can talk about what makes this company different and why they are the best fit for you.

Are You Overqualified for this Position?

It’s easy to be overqualified for a position in this job market, but that shouldn’t be something that holds you back.  So when you get this question, don’t give up or get defensive.  Talk about how the company needs solid individuals, and that your hope is to establish a strong presence in the company that allows you to move up and make a difference in your area of expertise.  A growing company needs reliable, proven people, and therefore you would be an excellent fit for any position.

Stay tuned for further questions that tend to stump even the savviest job seeker.  And if you have any questions that you’d like us to cover, send them over and we’ll give them a whirl!

Until next time,

The Doostang Team


  1. Linda_odineca says

    Excellent post! I've linked it over to my own blog as well. I hope your advice and mine helps others :)


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