How to Spice Up the Office Working Environment

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The office doesn’t have to be the drab, depressing place it’s often made out to be. First of all, it’s full of the characters that make our lives interesting, dramatic, happy, and stressful day to day. And while you sorta kinda have to focus on the work while you’re there, this doesn’t mean that the company you serve has to suck all the joy out of life. Here are a few ways to put some kick in your Monday through Friday!

Join the Office Extracurriculars

Say your office is part of a softball league or has a bowling club. Right on! Go get involved and recruit others to join in on the fun. And if your office doesn’t partake in these awesome activities, organize them yourself or with a group of coworkers. Your office extracurricular activities are what you make of them, and sadly, many company softball teams lose steam in the second inning. Sure, it’ll take time and effort, but if you feed into the positive energy of these pastimes, you’ll get far more joy out of them.

Go Out to Lunch

No, “going to lunch” with an office buddy doesn’t mean taking your soggy PB&J and “fun size” bag of Doritos to the break room. Get out and explore the neighborhood. Gather a group of friends and try out the new restaurant on the corner. Get your mind off of work and really enjoy your break to its fullest. This will break up your workday and give you that second wind you need to get through the afternoon. And if you’re trying to save money, fine – grab that soggy PB&J and chips and take it down to the park. If you step outside the office for a little while you’ll have a much more positive attitude going into the second half of your day, and chances are you’ll be much more productive at work.

Mix Food and Work

Here we go – another tip centered on food. But it’s true that we derive a lot of satisfaction out of eating. So incorporate it into your workday! Suggest a potluck once a quarter, and ruthlessly hold everyone to it. Assign a different person to bring in baked goods each Friday. Put someone on hot chocolate duty during the winter months. No one will be able to peg work as “dull” if you make it a point to engage all the senses!

It’s important to be happy at work. After all, this is where you spend most of the daylight hours. So don’t discount the value that a little office cheer can add to your life. Always make the most out of your days!

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