Doostang Success — A Job at a Prestigious Asset Management Firm in NYC

Emory University, 2007

“I became a premium member on Doostang about a year and a half ago mainly due to the quality and diversity of the job listings in comparison with other career sites. I didn’t actively start applying for jobs on Doostang till about a year ago. I work in an investment bank and I was entering the final year of my 3 year analyst program and I was becoming very disillusioned with the countless headhunters I had been using, so naturally I decided I needed all the help I could get in what was an incredibly poor job market.

I am an analyst at a non-bulge bracket investment bank and although I attended a top 20 university (and graduated with honors) I always felt I was being looked down upon by the headhunting firms due to the fact that I wasn’t at an “elite” I-bank or didn’t graduate from an Ivy-league school. I know this because the more prestigious the headhunting agency, the less opportunities were coming my way via that agency whereas my friends at bulge-brackets were constantly being sent listings that I was excluded from. The best part about Doostang is that there is parity amongst all candidates; the employer, not the headhunter decides who is fortunate to have their resume reviewed. By no means was the process easy though.

For the better part of a year, I applied to anywhere from 5-10 listings a week with a hit rate (1st round interview) of about 15-20%. That was way better than the less than 5% hit rate I was getting via the 20 or so headhunters I had been using. I also liked the fact that I was able to write a cover letter in the application that could inform the prospective employer on why I really wanted the job. Some people may not like this aspect – and whilst working 90+ hour weeks makes it near impossible to write a standout cover letter – I feel like it personalizes the process and can really help differentiate you if you spend the time on it.

In the end, I landed a job at a prestigious asset management firm in NYC working in a role which I will gain invaluable experience whilst working with incredibly talented people in a great corporate culture; my three most important objectives when looking for a job were fulfilled.

For anyone actively scouring the market for opportunities (whether in finance, consulting, marketing, etc.), I would highly recommend paying the fee to become a premium member. But remember, being a premium member won’t guarantee you anything; you have to be willing to spend the time and effort to constantly monitor the site and get in on opportunities as soon as they come up. Being patient and not getting down on yourself will be important as well, it took me a year to get my ideal job.”

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Financial Analyst – Top-Tier Investment Advisor, New York, NY

Consultant – Leading Global Consultancy Firm, San Francisco, CA

Pre-MBA Associate – Top Tier Global Asset Management Firm, Dallas, TX

Research Associates – Premier Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Analyst – Prominent Private Equity Firm, New York, NY

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team


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