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Dartmouth College, 2009

“I like to think that I followed the road less traveled in my time at college. I threw myself into activities and summer internships that barely had anything to do with each other in terms of a future direction into a specific career or industry. I figured I had enough on my plate during college that I’d worry about jobs after graduating.

Writing up my resume a few days into my unemployed, stay-at-home postgraduate life, I realized I had accumulated such diverse experiences that focusing on any one career path seemed impossible. I spent countless hours refreshing the web page of my college’s Career Services job posting board only to find that I hardly fit any of the listed jobs’ qualifications and descriptions.

After nine months passed by, a friend told me about Doostang. Within weeks of searching the wealth of job posts on Doostang and utilizing its powerful search filters, I found a job that I could incorporate each and every experience on my resume.

In one week, I had a phone interview. A week after that, an in-person interview. And finally a week and a half later, my very first offer.

Now as I finish writing this, I am in San Francisco, having moved just a week ago from New Jersey. I start work in two days for a strategic business consulting firm that focuses on people and the physical spaces they work in. I have no doubt that Doostang was instrumental in bringing me to where I am now, in San Francisco and employed.

Doostang is a fantastic career tool for people with all sorts of experiences and backgrounds.

Thanks, Doostang!”

Want to be the next Doostang Success story? Start applying to those jobs and see where that takes you!

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Private Equity Associate – Preeminent Private Equity Firm, New York, NY
Strategy Consulting Associate – Strategy Consulting Boutique, Boston, MA
Hedge Fund Jr Trader – Progressive Hedge Fund, Englewood, NJ
Commercial Real Estate Assistant – Full Service Real Estate Company, Los Angeles, CA
Investment Banking Associate – Global Leader in Oil & Gas, Singapore, Singapore

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team



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