Doostang Success — An Investment Banking Analyst Position in New York

University of Redlands, 2009
Investment Banking Analyst – Galileo Global Advisors

“I graduated from University of Redlands in 2009 with a BS in Global Business and minors in Economics and Mathematics. I spent my junior year at the London School of Economics. I was also a visiting student at Harvard University during half of my senior year.

I will be working for a company called Galileo Global Advisors based in Rockefeller center as an Investment Banking Analyst.

I had applied to many jobs in finance, but I was finally successful through Doostang because of its extensive database which helped me locate a position where my education, experience, and personal background were a perfect fit for the company.

Of course, Galileo is also the company I wanted to join the most.

During my job searching process, I had to overcame three challenges:

(1) applying to entry level positions (in investment banking) off-season

(2) applying to positions in New York from Redlands, CA, on the other side of the country

(3) applying to investment banking jobs in New York as a graduate from a small liberal arts school on the west coast

In fact, I not only used Doostang in my job search process, but also Monster, Career Builder, GloCap, Onewire, and Career Ladder. I have to say that Doostang is by far the best of all of the above.

Its extensive and up-to-date database had provided a vital information advantage. I recommend Doostang to anyone who believes that they are capable of more.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Equity Research Associate – First Class Advisory Service Provider, New York, NY

Analyst – Prominent Consulting Firm, Seattle, WA

Investment Sales Division Associate – Prominent Investment Sales Firm, New York, NY

Partner – New Top-Level Hotel Company, London, UK

Analyst or Associate – Leading Fund-of-Funds Organization, San Francisco, CA

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team


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