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University of Chicago, 2006

Doostang works! I was working at a hedge fund in Chicago, but I wanted to get out to San Francisco. In the world of hedge funds, jobs aren’t exactly advertised, especially with the credit crisis and recession still causing lay-offs. My firm was getting PhD’s and MBA’s applying for jobs we would normally have given to kids right out of college. Despite the challenges, I started to look on job boards for a way out west. I was disappointed until I found Doostang.

Doostang offered real-time leads for quality jobs. I was blown away by the level and number of offerings Doostang had listed.

I started applying to financial firms of all flavors, but did not receive any interest. Then one day, I saw a unique opportunity in sales and business development at a tech startup in San Francisco. I applied and – surprisingly – got a call. Four phone and two in-person interviews later, I found myself preparing for a move out to San Francisco to start a completely new career at a fantastic startup.

Without Doostang, I would never have had the chance to move out to San Francisco or plug into the incredible tech startup scene.

Doostang was my portal to a fantastic company, a better career, and a sunny California lifestyle.

Whether you work for a hedge fund or are a recent college graduate, Doostang provides you with the information and the ability to find the job or career that you want. Doostang works!”

Want to be the next Doostang Success story? Start applying to those jobs and see where that takes you!

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Analyst – Premier Financial Research Company, Los Angeles, CA
Director of Event Marketing – Leading Entertainment & Brand Marketing Firm, Chicago, IL
Business Analyst – Top Investment Adviser, New York, NY
Project Manager – Nation’s Leading Media Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles, CA
Hedge Fund Research Analyst – Startup Hedge Fund, Hong Kong, China

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

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