Doostang Success — Networking My Way into My Current Position


University of Virginia, 2010
Regional Client Services Manager – Frontier Strategy Group

“I applied to several jobs posted on Doostang.  Though it seemed like it was leading nowhere, I finally got contacted by several consulting companies on the East Coast.

One phone interview set off a number of follow up emails and calls, until finally the company opened a position that they saw as suitable for my skills.

Doostang definitely helped me to network my way into my current position.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

International Research Analyst – Leading Portfolio Strategy Research Firm, New York, NY

Commercial Real Estate Intern – Premier Commercial Real Estate Firm, Los Angeles, CA

Investment Associate – Premier Wealth Management Firm, San Francisco, CA

Marketing Research Analyst – IT Management Software & Solution Company, Boston, MA

Analyst – Leading Wealth Management Company, Miami, FL

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