Doostang Success — The Perfect Analyst Job at C1 Consulting



“The very first day that I used Doostang’s Premium Service, I found a company and a job that was perfect for helping me transition my career from biotech research science to an analyst position in a biotech marketing consulting firm.

Without Doostang, I would have never seen the analyst position at C1 Consulting, even though I had been looking for similar positions/companies on other websites for over 6 months.

The entire process from job application through Doostang to offer letter was about one month.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Future Trader – Boutique Proprietary Trading Group seeks Futures Trader, Nationwide, US

Jr. Recruiter – Premier Financial Industry Staffing Firm seeks Jr. Recruiter, New York, NY

Risk Analyst – Leading American Financial Institution seeks Risk Analyst, Hartford, CT

Operations Intern – Leading Online Marketing Firm seeks Operations Intern, Chicago, IL

Associate – Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm seeks an Associate, New York, NY

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