How to Start Your Entry-Level Job Search

How to Start Your Grown Up Job Search
Image Credit: College Student at Desk  image from Bigstock.

Image Credit: College Student at Desk image from Bigstock.

Okay Generation Y, it’s time to listen up! If you’re about to graduate, and as part of Generation Y, you probably have a lot on your mind in terms of what your career path will look like in the next year.

As a college senior, it’s all about making yourself known in your desired industry during this fall semester. Now that all of your hard work has paid off in the last four years, it’s time to put your knowledge and experience to good use! This time of year is crucial in preparing for your job search and making those valuable connections that could turn into a job offer next spring. Granted, you should have been networking throughout all your college years, but right now is a very important time for you to really get your name out so you can stand out in front of the competition when it comes time to apply for jobs.

While you’ve probably had plenty of experience applying for part-time jobs throughout college, now is the time to switch into “grown up” job search career mode. Now is the time for Generation Y college seniors to be on top of their job search, and these tips can help you find the entry-level job you want:

Make a list of cities where you’d like to live. 

If you’re feeling lost about your job search, a good place to start is thinking about where you picture yourself living in the next year. Do you hope to venture out of your comfort zone to find work, or are you happy staying put in your hometown? Wherever you decide to go after college, you have to start thinking about that decision now.

To help find some inspiration for your job search, creating a list of cities where you’d be willing to live is a great start. If you haven’t had the opportunity to travel much, think of cities you’d be interested in learning more about. Have you been anxious to experience the big city life in Chicago or San Francisco, or are you hoping to stay closer to home by working in a smaller city such as Indianapolis?

Think about the lifestyle you want to have after college and see what cities can provide that lifestyle for you. Once you compile that list, you can start researching companies within or near those cities.

From that list, figure out which companies you’d be willing to work for.

By narrowing down the cities you’d like to live in, it can help you find what companies to work for in your field. This can be extremely beneficial to your job search because it will not only serve as a starting point, but also you will be able to figure out where to start making connections. Generation Y has to be on top of their job search, so by having an idea of where the companies at which you’d like to work are located, you can be more organized during your job search. Plus, you’ll be on your way to building professional connections in those locations.

Now it’s time to schedule those coffee dates.

Well, not literal dates, but meetings with professionals at companies you’d be interested in working for. One of the best ways to land a job after college is through networking. You can do this by simply reaching out to professionals in your field and asking them to meet you for coffee to talk about their experiences in the industry. By taking the time to meet with these professionals, you will be able to get your name on their radar and create a positive reputation for yourself as a entry-level job seeker.

Once you get your name out there, start applying for jobs. 

Generation Y is definitely a group of job seekers who have to market themselves. By getting your name known by employers through networking and informational interviews, you will be at an advantage during the application process for entry-level jobs. This way, when you send your resume and cover letter to a company, you will already have a connection and your name will have a positive reputation.

The idea behind researching companies and networking is to get your name in front of employers you want to work for. Many Gen Y’ers have a difficult time getting on the job seeker map. By creating a name for yourself before you graduate and taking the time to build valuable relationships, you will be able to stand out to employers when you apply for your first job.

What tips do you have for Generation Y entry-level job seekers?

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