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In order to make sure that their goods reach the market quickly, and that their retail outlets are constantly stocked with sellable products, businesses need to hire specialist supply chain managers. This relatively new and growing industry offers employment within a range of different markets, and in firms of various sizes and scopes. Students looking to enter this field can now achieve dedicated MBA’s in supply chain management to ensure that they are in the best position to take advantage of its growing opportunities and lucrative careers.

The field of supply chain management includes a range of activities that a business needs to perform in order to ensure that its products flow successfully to market. This will include finding raw materials at the best price, monitoring the manufacturing process, achieving efficient transport from manufacturer to retailer, and so on. Firms within huge industries like automotive, computers, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, and electronics all need a firm focus on this field to ensure they constantly have stocks of supplies to deliver to their market.

Fully qualified and experienced supply chain managers are in high demand due to their ability to see potential complications along the supply chain and then find appropriate solutions to them. These professionals fill rolls that are divided into 2 areas – planning, and operations. Within these 2 areas are a number of different categories such as forecasting, fulfillment, purchasing, storage and distribution, and customer service.

In order to prepare for a potential career within supply chain management, it is important for you to develop your understanding of core competencies such as strategies and planning. In addition, general knowledge in areas like risk management, globalization, lead-time management, and logistics are important. In order to achieve these core skills it is important to engage in relevant courses and education programs provided at educational institutions around the country. These, along with communication, leadership, and negotiation skills, will all play a part in whether or not you will be taken on by a company.

For young people, there is no better time than now to pursue a career within this field. With the economy and job market becoming ever more competitive, pursuing a degree that leads directly into supply chain management is a good idea, rather than one that is more generalized in its approach. This field is burgeoning, and can lead to a varied and lucrative career that can take you across industries and countries.

The global nature of the supply chain has largely contributed to the growth in this particular industry. Numerous companies now outsource the manufacturing process to overseas locations, and need skilled professionals to ensure that their finished products reach their stores in time to be sold, with no gaps in between where stocks run low. This growth has made the role of the specialist supply chain manager even more important, and this is only likely to grow further as globalization continues to expand and evolve. Thankfully, various further education establishments and colleges now offer specific program concentrations and online MBA degrees to help students get their foot in the door and enter the supply chain industry straight away upon graduation.

About the Author: Blake Pappas completed his undergraduate degree in Justice Studies from Arizona State University.  Blake has also recently worked in higher education and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business. 



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