Job Interview Tips: Avoiding Pre-Interview Stress

job interview stressThe stress and worry that accompanies job interviews can potentially cost some job seekers the position. Oftentimes a person’s nerves take over and prevent them from providing the company with quality answers to their questions. No matter their experience, many interviewees sabotage their chances of having a successful job interview because they over think it, or don’t think about it enough because they are too consumed with worry.

Knowing about an interview weeks ahead of time can be beneficial on one hand, but on the other hand it can be detrimental, depending on the person. This is because interviews are all determined based on how well a person handles pressure. Same thing goes for scheduling a job interview that is only a day or two away. To prevent the unnecessary and destructive anxiety that you feel leading up to your interview, consider these following job interview tips:

Gradually prepare

One of the main reasons for stress is the lack of preparation. Whether it’s because you don’t have enough time to prepare or you procrastinated until it was too late, you are going to feel the pressure of trying to remember everything at the last minute.

In the weeks leading up to your job interview, you should be going over your resume and identifying your strengths that you want to highlight in the interview. You should also go over your experience, memorize what your duties were and prepare for any questions you think they may ask about each. Be ready to explain how your skills were utilized at each position and how you made a difference using them.

Know all you can about the company

One of the most common job interview questions involves what you know about the company and why you would be a great fit. Prepare for this question by spending some of your time researching about the history of the company, as well as their products, services and any accolades they have received.

Also think about how your skill set plays well into who they are. If you’ve had experience working in their industry, make sure that they are aware of that and inform them of any contributions you’ve had that has made previous companies successful. Your ability to clearly communicate this is crucial to your success.

Practice, practice, practice

One of the main issues interviewees often have is that their nerves affect them so much that it shows through their body language. Practicing helps you realize how you look, and may help you to notice everything from your body posture to your nervous eye rolling, etc. A helpful tip when you practice is to videotape yourself and then go watch the recording so that you can pick up on anything that you need to fix. In the end it will make you feel more comfortable and you’ll be able to get used to sitting with the right posture and have complete control of your mannerisms.

Don’t be negative

You should never go into an interview thinking about how much you’re dreading it because it will show through the way you speak. Go to your interview with a positive attitude and you’ll be motivated to do well.

The thought of a job interview should not scare you away from doing your best. Preparation is the key to minimizing your stress, so practice memorizing your skills and conduct dry runs of your interview.

Keep in mind that contacting career professionals for tips and advice about the job hunting process can make a substantial difference in your success.

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