Professional Resume Critique

Each week we review a resume in need of some help. Our comments are authentic, straightforward and 100% tailored to the particular document you will see. We aren’t necessarily re-writing the resume, rather marking it up and giving tips for improvement.

Considering the vast mix of cultures and backgrounds of the American population, global experience is an absolute advantage for professionals in any industry. Yet, day after day we see so many clients undervalue their international experience or bilingual abilities when it comes time to highlight them on a resume.

The marked-up document below is a prime example of this. This client is a senior manager in the hospitality industry, which by nature facilitates collaboration between diverse populations. Our client mentions the fact that he has global experience and can speak two languages, but he doesn’t explain why those attributes make him a must-hire!

It is vitally important that the client rewrite his opening summary to shine a spotlight on his ability to interact and converse with people of various backgrounds. Another aspect missing from the top third of page one – the most critical section of resume real estate – is any focus on guest relations. This is a major misstep considering his industry.

Yes, it is important to highlight your ability to cut costs, automate operations and lead teams to success, but not at the risk of downplaying the importance of guest satisfaction and your multicultural experience. We rewrote the document to this client’s delight, but below is our initial critique that helped shape the overhaul process.

Reading the in-document critique may leave you questioning the quality of your resume but please note we are not out to scare, but prepare you for future career success. A professional writer is ready to critique your resume today – FOR FREE.  Get started here.

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