Signs That it’s Time for a Job Change

job change

Many people go through a tough time in their career where they are unhappy and feel as though they’re not making any progress. They work for the same company for years and eventually lose the motivation they once had because they aren’t getting promoted,  receiving a raise,  being considered a leader or getting respect as a veteran in the business.

Once you notice your work ethic and your overall feeling about your job changes, it is time for you to consider making a career change. Here are some signs to look out for:

Work is negatively affecting your personal life

When you were first interviewed for the job and got a feel for what type of company it is, you valued the fact that they respected your life outside of the office. They made it clear that your work would not interfere with your family life, yet over the years the company has seen changes that prove otherwise.

Whether it’s new leadership or the same leadership changing their values, these adjustments can have a negative effect on you as a person. They may have tightened their grip on the control of the business, giving you less creative freedom to do what you were doing in the beginning. You start to feel controlled and your decision making power is gone.

Spend some time evaluating your job. If you feel as though you can excel elsewhere then begin to look at making a career change that will make you love your job again.

You’re only assigned low-priority assignments

Despite working for the company for a few or more years, you notice that with every big project they have to complete, you are never a substantial part of it. You’ve proven time after time that you are good at what you do and would be a positive asset to these assignments, yet they are always turning to others for help.

If you notice that people who don’t have the credentials that you do are getting asked to participate in the high profile projects while you are not, it is time to consider leaving and looking elsewhere.

It’s taking a toll on your emotions

Whether it’s the immense pressure that your manager is putting on you to make the best presentation possible for the next client meeting, or the blame for a mistake being placed on you when it wasn’t your fault, your emotions begin to crumble. Often times when a person’s job is so grueling and filled with negative experiences, they lose sleep, become upset over it and they spend their hours away from work constantly thinking about it. All of these negative feelings affect the way you look at the company and your work ethic.

Other signs that let you know that making a career change is what you need include losing your passion for what you do, disagreeing with the direction the company is going, feeling unappreciated, and no longer having a positive relationship with your boss.

When people think about making a career change, they often let fear stop them. It is vital to always love what you do and not allow your work to negatively affect your personal life. Finding a new job, possibly one in a different industry, will give you a fresh start and get you back to the positive feelings you had about your career in the beginning.

Speak with career professionals that will listen to what you’re looking for and find the best career match for you. Soon you’ll see a noticeable difference in your attitude towards your work and personal life. Don’t let the fear of a job change stop you from making a decision that will have a positive impact on your life!

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