How To Benefit From a Remote Position

remote positionFor many job seekers, especially those who are used to working in an office environment, working from home can be an undesirable and mysterious task. Being accustomed to the routines of driving into work and interacting with co-workers can be hard habits to get rid of. Many of them don’t realize that they could easily reap the benefits of working from home.

Everything from your work efficiency to the balance between your work and personal life can improve when you have a remote work position. While the usual reservations people have about doing their work from home are completely warranted, such as becoming lonely, getting too distracted by television, etc., there are benefits that can outweigh the hesitations.

Saves you money

If money is tight for you and your family, or even if you’re just looking for a way to save money in general, then working from home is an ideal solution. Telecommuting saves you a substantial amount of your income every year that would normally be spent on gas if you had to drive to work. It also helps you resist the temptation of going out to lunch with your coworkers and spending extra money in that aspect as well.

Minimizes stress

Being able to do your work from home solves the majority of the issues that create stress and worry for you on a daily basis. Whether it’s the stress of having your boss a few feet away from you in an office setting, or the worry you feel about the kids while you’re away from home, a remote position can be your solution.

Telecommuting can also help you focus on yourself. For instance, you can sleep in a bit longer in the mornings and be there to wake your children up for school, getting in a few extra minutes of family time in the morning. Or, if you developed terrible eating habits at the office, you can now focus on getting your health back on track by creating a healthy meal plan at home.

Work and personal life become balanced

Most, if not all, commuters will tell you that they have a hard time balancing their work life and their home life. Often times the drive into work and the drive home cuts a significant amount of time out of your day that you could be spending with your family and friends. When you work from home you have more control over your life; you’ll gain more time to spend going to your children’s games, getting a great workout in, or even going out to happy hour with some of your closest friends.

Increases productivity

Numerous studies have shown that being able to work from home increases your productivity. This is mainly due to the fact that you have many more distractions when you are in an office all day. There are numerous people around you that make it easy to get off track because you’ll often fall into conversation with them and your work will suffer. However, when you work alone in your house, you are able to focus on your tasks without the possibility of being distracted by someone.

You may think that your house creates more ways for you to lose focus on your work, but there are ways for you to avoid that. If you get easily distracted by the television, try working in a room where there isn’t one. The key is to dedicate a certain area of your home to be strictly used for your work. Create an office-like work environment, one that will help motivate you to produce top quality work.


Whether you’ve been offered a remote position, you are considering searching for one or your company gives you the option of working from home, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the situation before you make a final decision. At first the concerns about telecommuting may outweigh the benefits, but if you truly sit down and think about how it can positively affect not only your work productivity and success, but also the balance between your work and your personal life, you’ll begin to realize it’s a great choice for you.