Doostang Success: What Sets Doostang Apart from the Rest

USC, 2009

“I learned about Doostang through a friend. We were both in the job market and in the same industry (finance) so we were helping each other out with our job search. At the time I was finishing graduate school, and began submitting resumes through the campus career center and various online job boards, including Doostang.

One thing that really set Doostang apart for me was that the other common job boards did not have the type of job or the level of positions I was looking for. Another great point about Doostang was that the user interface was very user-friendly. The site is very easy to navigate and has a great look and feel.

I began applying for jobs on Doostang a month before graduation. From beginning to end (a span of about two months), I sent out about 70 applications through Doostang, and received several (I think five) interviews.

I ended up receiving three offers, two of which came from applications I submitted through Doostang.

Overall, I had a very good experience with using Doostang. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

– Congratulations, Ryan! We’re always happy knowing that we’re being helpful.

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Happy Friday!

Team Doostang

Doostang News Sept 15: Career Insights from the Pantsmakers – What Constitutes Success.

Top Premium Jobs
Field Ninja – Sales Professional, San Francisco, CA
Investment Banking Intern, New York, NY
Human Resources Generalist, Chicago, IL
Portfolio Strategy Associate, Boston, MA
Director of International Expansion, New York, NY

Fall is here, meaning it’s time to put away those beach shorts, put on some dress pants, and get back to work. But if achieving career success seems as challenging as finding a pair of good fitting pants, we have great news.

Don’t despair – thanks to a fantastic new partnership with Bonobos, we’re able to offer you some much-needed career wisdom from inside an innovative, successful company…and even a discount on some amazing pants!

Here at Doostang we’re big fans of exceptionally well-run businesses with quality products, outstanding service, and an entrepreneurial spark – and Bonobos embodies just that. Started as a small project by two guys with a big vision, Bonobos has grown into a global online clothing brand.

We spoke with Dave Eisenberg, Director of Growth at Bonobos, who offered some career wisdom on what makes a successful company and job candidate. So if you’re looking to start the next exceptional business, or just want to work for one, believe us, it’s in your best interest to keep reading.

Career Insights from the Pantsmakers – What Constitutes Success.

On its site, the staff at Bonobos asserts that they are trying to build “a different kind of clothing company?” Can you share a bit about how Bonobos got started and what the initial goals were?

Bonobos got started the way a lot of companies get started: with a good idea and a lot of persistence. Brian [Spaly – founder] wanted to make pants that fit better and were more flattering, made from the world’s best fabrics. Andy [Dunn – founder] wanted to get guys out of retail stores! For Andy, retail shopping is a frustration, and he knew there was a better way. We put those two ideas together: selling premium trousers with a direct-to-consumer model online with fantastic customer service. The fashion world is full of companies where it’s all about exclusivity. Bonobos is more inclusive–you don’t have to live in New York or Paris to enjoy Bonobos. You don’t have to be a rail-thin runway model or a millionaire. We have customers in every state and about four dozen countries abroad. That’s a new thing for a premium brand.

On that note, how did founders Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn go about accomplishing these goals? Which factors were most crucial to the early success of the company?

The factor that was–and continues to be–most important to our growth is word-of-mouth marketing. For the most part, guys love the pants, and they enjoy shopping with us because we keep it hassle-free. Then they tell their friends. We have a very loyal following because we’ve grown in a grassroots way. Our team actually grew in a similar fashion. Over the past 18 months we have been searching for other bright, enthusiastic people to join our team. So while we now have a company of about 25 individuals, we haven’t lost that spark of entrepreneurial energy that got us going in the beginning.

Moving forward, how has Bonobos evolved? What have you, as a company, done to build upon the early foundation from which you rose?

I think the most obvious places that we have involved are with our products and our technology. We now offer about 40 different trousers across many fabrics–cotton twill, two weights of corduroy, various wools and wool blends, seersucker. Not to mention shorts, and soon polo shirts. We’re expanding to become not just a trouser company, but a true men’s lifestyle brand. We’re a long way away, but we’re thrilled to be working toward that goal.

With technology, we still aim to be the world’s first 100% web-driven premium men’s brand. Now, though, we have a team to help make that vision a reality. We have been able to recruit four phenomenally talented developers and designers to help create the best shopping experience on the web.

From the perspective of a Doostang community member, what do you think can be learned from “the Bonobos example?” In other words, do you believe that there are any lessons or overarching themes that motivated, young professionals might draw from Bonobos’ story?

We try and hire people who can come alive in a certain role. It is our belief that businesses succeed when the people who work on them on a daily basis are fired up about their jobs! When you pour a lot of genuine passion into a project, you tend to be more successful, because you bring a real authenticity to bear around your final product. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take your product or service right out to people. We sold pants out of the trunks of our cars in the very beginning. Make your product or design your service, get it out in the field, make some mistakes and learn from them. Keep your customers involved in their iterative processes and never stop learning how to make your company better.

Getting more to the point, what stands out among candidates that are seeking to be hired by Bonobos? Which qualities would the ‘ideal new hire’ need to possess?

The best candidates that we see are those who have taken the time to learn about our business before they show up for an interview and who turn a thoughtful, critical, eye to everything that we have done and bring some great ideas for what we can do to become more effective. We look for enthusiasm, humility and great listening skills in all of the people who we seek to bring onto our team! Take a look at our open opportunities here and let us know if you’d like to be a part of our team!

And there you have your recipe for success. All you need is the winning combination of enthusiasm, persistence, entrepreneurial spirit, and insight. And a good pair of pants, of course…

So visit Doostang to start investing in your career. But first make sure you invest in a pair of good fitting pants. Trust us, you’ll need them for that dream job…

Wishing you a well-tailored career,

Team Doostang

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Superhero Still Searching: Innovative Tips on How to Improve Your Job Search

While doing well in your career isn’t necessarily relatable to Spiderman’s quest to save New York, the point is that skill and ambition are often one side of a double-edged sword, especially in today’s recession-tainted job market. Ask any high-achieving high school graduate: the higher the aim, the tougher the competition. The average high school grad had to face admission rates bordering below the 10% line this past spring, a trend that seems likely to continue in an age where overachieving has become the norm.

For students who accept the Hellish juggernaut that is modern college admissions, the goal is clear: a degree that can catapult them to the head of their applicant pool upon graduation.

Well, what happens when this logic fails – when even the supposed ‘best and brightest’ can’t seem to scrape by?

In a rather offbeat news article yesterday, we discovered that Trina Thompson’s answer was a lawsuit. After spending 4 years and $70,000 on her Monroe College information-technology degree, Thompson blames Monroe’s Office of Career Advancement for her stagnant job search and demands a refund.

While we here at Doostang do not necessarily purport a full-blown collegiate lawsuit, we’ve worked with enough frustrated recent grads to relate. There is indeed a disconnect: a nation full of young, intelligent, and motivated college grads without the job market to accept them.

There is a rebellious part of our brain that screams: be drastic! Take to the streets! Protest this terrible injustice! But in lieu of providing legal advice, we would like to provide what we thought were a few creative, rather than radical, tips to help you, the bright and talented, stand out among…who else, but the bright and talented.

1. Know Your NewsFeed

You’ve heard time and time again about how social network sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and (of course) Doostang, can help you get ahead in your job search. (Or, alternatively, behind…time to untag those pictures from uncle Lou’s Christmas party, anyone?) But instead of focusing on the content of your ‘about me’ section or the legitimacy of your photos, why not pay more attention to your status updates?

A constant stream of “Johnny is searching for a job”, “Johnny is still on the job hunt”, and “Johnny is absolutely desperate for employment” can get old – fast. Not only that, but status updates like these can make the people in your network feel uncomfortable. Instead, try using your status updates to let people know about all of the things you are doing besides looking for a job. Make updates about friends’ accomplishments, share interesting articles or videos that you’ve found online, or post exciting details about your newest hands-on home improvement project.

Try to post things that encourage conversation. Build a following. People love content, and they’ll reward you for it. Online social networking isn’t any different from face-to-face networking in that it takes time and effort. You have to build relationships before asking for help or advice.

2. Ban Comic Sans

Make a date to sit down with your resume and focus a little more on format rather than content. You’ve undoubtedly gone through and noun-ified all of your verbs by now (I was an “early childhood care specialist” rather than “girl who babysits for her cousins twice a week”, for example) – so now is the time to make your resume beautiful – or, at least, readable.

We personally wish that all resumes could be submitted in Party LET, but since this practice is typically frowned upon in professional settings, the two main categories you need to be looking at are Serif and Sans-Serif fonts. Serif basically means with a ‘tail’, or the little flip you see on letters in fonts like Times New Roman. Serif fonts give your resume a more traditional look, kind of like how leather-bound books make your apartment seem classy and sophisticated. Sans-Serif are, predictably, fonts without that ‘tail’, and are the family of fonts most often used on the internet (e.g. Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana). They create a more contemporary, streamlined look.

Which font you choose depends on your personal preference and the job that you are applying for. The most common font for business use is Times New Roman, but we advise trying a few fonts on at home just to see what you like.

There is a wealth of information on the web to help you format your perfect resume: here’s a great article by Karen Burns Working Girl on Electronic Resume Writing.

3. Go Shoe Shopping

The Devil is in the details. It’s common knowledge that polishing yourself up for an interview is an important part of the job search process – but have you polished enough? The fact that your shoes are actually polished or your fingers manicured may carry as much weight as your neatly pressed pantsuit. In short, an interview is like a first date. Just as you don’t know your date well enough to look beyond the petty, your new employer will pick up on cues from wherever possible as well. Make sure that you are giving the best impression – let them fall in love with you before busting out those endearing brown loafers.

So, when you’re down and out, and you feel that even Superman couldn’t get a job in times like these – try thinking beyond the obvious to give yourself a competitive edge. Take it from us, the opportunities are out there, (really, we know, we see to it that they’re posted up on the Doostang website every day) – it’s now up to you to go out and get them!

And if that doesn’t work, we highly encourage donning a red and blue spandex suit and learning how to swing across buildings with sticky string. Let us know when you figure out how to do that.

Saving the World One Job at a Time,

Team Doostang

Job Search Got You Down? Words of Wisdom from the “Funemployed”

It’s a phenomenon that’s sweeping the unemployed nation by storm: Funemployment. Defined by Urban Dictionary as “The condition of a person who takes advantage of being out of a job to have the time of their life”, funemployment (or ‘paycation’ as it is sometimes called) has become a buzzword to describe a subculture of atypical ex-employees who have somehow waded through the shock and horror of joblessness and ended up alive and kicking on the other side.

Searching for a new job can be daunting at times, there’s no doubt about that. The seemingly endless stream of applications and dead-ends is enough to leave any member of the newly idled workforce ready to throw in the towel and start making under-funded videos on YouTube. But for a select few, this dreaded suspension from traditional employment has morphed into a unique opportunity to step away from the 9-5 lifestyle.

But seriously.  The national unemployment rate climbed to 9.7% in June, the highest it has been since the 80’s. In light of this, there’s one piece of advice we would all like you – the best, brightest, and most innovative unemployment force America has ever seen – to take away. Keep your cool, step back, and breathe. In the words of Monty Python: always look on the bright side of life. Pick up something that you’ve always wanted to pursue but never had the time for. Learn how to skateboard, join a knitting club, start a blog, or play matchmaker for your sister’s awkward oldest son.

Staying calm and taking advantage of your down time by doing things you love not only saves you a lot of stress, but makes you more attractive to potential employers when you finally do decide to don your suit once more.

So what will you do to stave off the post-layoff blues? In the end, it’s up to you. But whatever you decide, this is one Doostang team that is with you all the way.

Until Next Time,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Doostang

Have You Heard What People Are Saying About Doostang?

Here is what other users have to say about their experience with Doostang – and the real difference Doostang made in their job search.

After using many recruiters and job boards, I was about to give up on my job search when a friend invited me to Doostang. I immediately responded to a Sales & Trading position at JP Morgan, interviewed within the week and was invited back for two other rounds. I got the position two weeks ago – less than a month since joining Doostang.

-Wesleyan class of 2005

Transferring from Private Equity to Public Market/Credit Investing is not the easiest thing to do. That is unless you have access to the thousands of excellent Premium Jobs on Doostang. After interviewing for a few weeks along the West Coast, I’m very happy to have accepted my position at Medley Capital.”

-UPenn class of 2004

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Through the website, I landed a great private equity job at Summit Partners. Without Doostang, I never would have made that crucial connection to someone in my network who already worked at Summit. Keep up the great work on the awesome site!

-Stanford class of 2006

Be sure to check back soon, as we are very excited to begin posting weekly success stories from our community!

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-The Best Doostang Team Around

Job Search Secret Sauce

Finding your dream job in a recession is like shooting a fish in a barrel. It’s tiring, your target’s a damn fish, and you have to listen to advice-givers around you use empty business clichés like “fish in a barrel.”

We’ll spare you watered-down career e-vice and talk of “recession-busting” until we run out of things to do. For now, we’d rather spend our time finding the really great opportunities out there and bringing them to our exceptional members.

That’s a medium way of saying, if you haven’t checked out our Premium Jobs yet, it’s about time:

Go Premium on Doostang to get unlimited access to jobs just like these. Even though they rarely make it online, we’re working hard to make them yours.