Doostang Success — A Dream Job Offer for an International Student after Just One Month

Columbia University, 2010
Global Media Analyst – Coverago

Doostang was recommended to me by one of my friends who landed a dream job after being a Premium Member for three months. I was a little skeptical about getting a subscription – living in New York City has taught me to doubt basically everything. I tried the two-day trial first and instantly noticed many exclusive job openings that could not be found anywhere else. Then I subscribed for a month.

Next thing you know, I landed a job within a month through Doostang! And I am an international student who needs visa sponsorship – it is much harder for a non-citizen to find a job in the states.

However, I got several on-site interviews during the first two weeks of being Premium, and one job offer after just one month.

My membership is going to expire today and it feels pretty awesome that I don’t need to renew the membership since I got a call from my dream job this morning and I am going to be a financial journalist this October. I have already recommended Doostang to all of my friends who are still looking for jobs, and I am sure they will land jobs soon with the help from Doostang.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Risk Intern – Global Credit Manager, New York, NY

Analyst – Premier Private Equity Real Estate Fund, Philadelphia, PA

Financial Analyst – Prestigious Venture Capital Firm, Washington, DC

Research Analyst – Preeminent Education Research Consultancy, Evanston, IL

Controller – Independent Research Firm, New York, NY

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang Success — Highly Valued Opportunities from Globally Recognized Employers

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006

Doostang was very helpful in assisting me in my search. Having spent the last four years of my career in investment banking and private equity, I was at a unique juncture of my career. I was looking for opportunities that could offer a different experience while still have a need for someone with my background. I found recruiting to be challenging initially because many positions did not have the right fit.

However, Doostang proved to be an excellent recruiting platform for a medley of financial firms, and ultimately I was able to speak with a number of firms that needed someone with my background and offered exactly what I was looking for.

Doostang not only has a user-friendly interface for employment seekers, but it also has highly valued opportunities from globally recognized employers. Doostang will only become more valuable for both employers and prospective employees as the brand continues to achieve critical mass. I would definitely recommend this website to any of my friends.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banking Analyst – Largest Full-Service Investment Bank, New York, NY

Research Associate – Leading Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Venture Banker – Leading Independent Asset Management Firm, Cambridge, MA

Associate Consultant – Global Management & Technology Consulting Firm, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Financial Analyst – Premier Investment Research Firm, New York, NY

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The Doostang Team

Hot Career Tips for the Unemployed

By Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC –

Research Analyst, New York, NY
Account Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA
Associate Analyst, Philadelphia, PA
Marketing Associate, Chicago, IL
Senior Associate, SF Bay Area, CA

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If you are presently unemployed, your days are likely spent scouring job postings, emailing prospective employers and submitting your resume to online websites. Even the most dedicated jobseekers, however, probably have too much idle time on their hands. With no set hours or routine, it could be very tempting to get lazy.

Before you resort to sleeping into early afternoon or reaching for the remote control, there are several ways to make productive use of this time.

Here are just a few suggestions as to how you can maximize downtime that will not only keep you active, but will make you a more attractive job candidate:

Perform charity work where you can utilize your professional skills.

There are dozens of ways you can contribute work-related talents for the betterment of your community. Signing up for a volunteer post within an established organization is only one option. If you get creative, you can carve out your own niche.

For example, if you are a marketing professional, find out if your favorite charity needs help launching their latest awareness campaign. A teacher can look into helping a local literacy organization. A sales professional can help an organization find donors and raise money. A technology professional can assist with a nearby school’s computer upgrade.

Such activities not only enhance self-worth by aiding a worthwhile cause, but they also enrich your qualifications and demonstrate to an employer that you are keeping your skills sharp while unemployed. You’ll likely make valuable contacts as well. You never know who you will meet! It could just be the person volunteering next to you is looking for someone with your qualifications or knows of a position opening up in the office next door.

Accept a temporary or consulting gig.

With unemployment at the highest it has been in more than two decades, it could take a little longer to land that dream job. Broadening the scope of positions you are willing to consider may mean you have to make some compromises. If you are adamant about accepting only a full-time job, you could be inadvertently doing yourself a disservice.

If you impress an employer during the course of a temporary assignment, it could lead to bigger and better things. After all, what better way is there to convince a boss what you are capable of than actually showing them? The best case scenario is that you are offered a full-time position and your search is complete.

The flip side isn’t so bad, either. Even if it comes to an end, a temporary position will help you earn some money, make some contacts, and provide an additional credential to include on your resume. That will help fill in the dreaded employment gap while showing employers your skills are not getting rusty.

Take a course related to your field.

Whether it’s a college course for credits or a one-day seminar, enhancing your education sends an excellent message to anyone in position to hire you. It exhibits your desire to keep your skills current and shows you are using your time wisely.

To make the most of this benefit, be sure to enroll in something related to your work. Though taking a course for personal enrichment can be rewarding, it simply won’t carry as much weight as something relevant to your field. For example, a partner in an accounting firm will be more impressed with a candidate who learned about the latest tax codes than one who took a photography course.

If you participate in any of these activities, don’t forget to update your resume and cover letter to let employers know. Finally, remember that while these activities will keep you busy, don’t neglect your job search. Job hunting should always be considered your number one “job” while you are unemployed.

About the Author:

Alesia Benedict, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC) is the President of, the country’s leading resume writing firm. They provide professionals with customized, branded resumes and career marketing documents. Her and her firm’s credentials include being cited by JIST Publications as one of the “best resume writers in North America,” quoted as a career expert in The Wall Street Journal, and published in a whopping 25+ career books. Established in 1994, the firm has aided more than 100,000 job seekers to date. All resume writers are certified writers. offers a free resume critique and their services come with a wonderful guarantee — interviews in 30 days or they’ll rewrite for free!

Doostang New Jobs This Week: September 20 – 26

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

1st Yr Private Equity Analyst, Dallas, TX – Premier Global Independent Asset Management Firm seeks 1st Yr Private Equity Analyst.

Brand Strategy Analyst, London, UK – Prominent Brand Management Consulting Firm seeks Brand Strategy Analyst.

Jr. Associate/Sr. Analyst, San Francisco, CA - Elite MA&R Advisory Group seeks Sr. Analyst/Jr. Associate.

Business Consultant, New York, NY – Premier Provider of Investment Technology & Execution Solutions seeks Business Consultant.

Financial Analyst, Los Angeles, CA – High-End Customized Investment Management seeks Financial Analyst: Investment Advisory Group.

Sr. Energy Analyst, Washington, DC – Highly Influential Non-profit Organization seeks Sr. Energy Analyst.

Analyst – Trust Company, New York, NY – Premier Global Independent Asset Management Firm seeks Analyst.

Doostang Success — High Quality Job Listings and a Thoughtfully Organized, Intuitive System

Skidmore College, 2009

“I subscribed to Doostang’s Premium Membership sometime in late 2009, after a friend highly praised and recommended the service. I had hastily accepted a position before graduation, mainly because of worries around the job market at the time, and I was looking to move elsewhere.

I realized that the Premium Membership is well worth the price: the benefits of a thoughtfully organized, intuitive system, and high quality job listings made my job search that much easier.

I would highly recommend using the Saved Search feature, which sends a daily email with new job postings that you are interested in. There are dozens of new postings every week, and if you do not see the job you want immediately, rest assured it will come by.

I applied to a number of jobs directly through the site (which could not be any easier), had interview offers within a few days, and eventually landed the job I wanted.

I am now in an environment filled with highly talented individuals doing genuinely interesting work. What more could I ask for?

My advice: Skip the headhunters, sign up for the Premium Membership, actively monitor the postings you are interested in, and most importantly, be patient!

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Analyst – One of the World’s Leading Private Investment Firms, New York, NY

Executive Business Coach – Chief Executive Organization, Nationwide

Investment Banking Analyst – Leading Full-Service Investment Bank, Chicago, IL

Research Analyst – Market Leader in Consulting and Market Research, Westport, CT

Hedge Fund/Principal Investing Analyst – Prominent Hedge Fund, Dallas, TX

Business Development Coordinator – Music Entertainment Corporation, New York, NY

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang Success — A Newly Created Venture Capital Associate Job

UPenn 2002, NYU Stern 2007
Venture Capital Associate – Kaplan, Inc

“I found my current Venture Capital Associate position at Kaplan, Inc.’s newly created venture capital investing subsidiary through Doostang.

I was previously an investment banker, and Doostang was more helpful in facilitating the traditionally difficult transition from the ‘sell side’ to the ‘buy side’ of finance than any recruiters I worked with, other websites, or even my personal networking efforts.

Fundamentally, Doostang did a better job of (1) posting only high-quality jobs, (2) enabling me to search regularly (through saved searches) on key terms, and (3) providing a clean application interface than any other resource I leveraged in my job search.”

Phil is the latest user to get hired, share her story, and receive a signing bonus from Doostang. Share your Doostang success story and get a $500 Signing Bonus from Doostang!

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banking Analyst Intern – Investment Banking Firm, Santa Monica, CA

Project Manager – Top Business & Technology Consulting Firm, Dallas, TX

Analyst – Leading Restructuring Advisory Firm, New York, NY

Customer Care Director/Manager, Provider of Shopping Solutions, Lexington, MA

Strategic Ventures Analyst – Global Payments Technology Company, SF Bay Area, CA

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang New Jobs This Week: August 16 – 22

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Hedge Fund Research Analyst, New York, NY – Leading Hedge Fund Research and Advisory Firm seeks Hedge Fund Research Analyst.

Entry-Level Ad Sales Assistant, Chicago, IL – Premier Global Media and Entertainment Company seeks Entry-Level Ad Sales Assistant.

Financial Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Leading Technology-Focused Independent Investment Bank seeks Financial Analyst.

VP of Strategy, St Petersburg, FL – Leading Home Shopping Network seeks VP of Strategy.

Associate, Wellesley, MA – Rapidly Growing Investment Firm seeks Associate.

Business Solutions Consultant, Mclean, VA – Leading Financial Marketing & Intelligence Firm seeks Business Solutions Consultant.

PE Associate / Analyst, Philadelphia, PA – Prestigious Middle-Market Private Equity Firm seeks for a PE Analyst/Associate.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: August 2 – 8

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Junior Research Associate, New York, NY – New Start-up Hedge Fund is Looking for a Junior Research Associate.

Associate, Cambridge, MA – Strategic Advisory Solutions to the Life Sciences Industry is Looking for an Associate.

Investment Associate, San Mateo, CA – Top Investment Management Firm seeks Investment Associate.

Refined Metals Traffic Operator, Stamford, CT – Independent Commodity Trading Company seeks Refined Metals Traffic Operator.

Equity Research Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Premier Financial Advisory Firm seeks Equity Research Analyst.

Procurement Specialist, Akron, OH – Top Automotive Parts Manufacturer is Looking for a Procurement Specialist.

Sr. Equity Research Analyst, Chicago, IL – Financial Services Company seeks Sr. Equity Research Analyst.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: July 5 – 11

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Investment Junior Analyst, New York, NY One of the Nation’s Strongest & Largest Labor-Management Funds seeks Investment Junior Analyst.

Paralegal, New York, NY – Preeminent Law Firm seeks Paralegal.

Investment Analyst, New York, NY – Prominent investment management firm is looking for a Junior Investment Analyst.

Associate Product Manager, Palo Alto, CA – Fast-growing mobile retail startup is looking for an Associate Product Manager.

Analyst, Los Angeles, CA – Premier healthcare consulting firm is looking for an Analyst to join its Los Angeles office.

Consultant, Chicago, IL – Innovative Consulting Firm seeks Consultant.

Entrepreneur / Analyst, Boston, MA – Cutting Edge Financial Research and Investment Platform is Looking For Exceptional Candidates to Join Its Team as an Entrepreneur/Analyst.

Doostang News Sept 28: Consulting the Experts

Marketing Research Assistant, Philadelphia, PA
Private Equity Investment Intern, New York, NY
VP – Consultant Relations, Los Angeles, CA
M&A Analyst, San Francisco, CA
Major Gifts Director, Washington, DC

When it comes to advancing in your career path, extensive personal research and preparation can give you a great head start, but insight from someone already a few steps ahead can really propel you forward.

Here at Doostang, we know that singlehandedly catching up to people in high places (especially those involved in the hiring process) and asking them for behind-the-scenes career advice is no easy task. So we’re bringing the insider tips right to you.

Consulting the Experts.

We spoke with Dan Grabell who is currently hiring in the healthcare consulting industry at Bridgehead International, a widely-known and globally recognized boutique consulting firm. Read on for some tried-and-true methods that can help you get the upper hand and a behind-the-scenes look into the strategies that candidates have successfully used to land jobs in this challenging industry.

Tell us a bit about your firm – what do you specialize in, and what should someone know about your firm prior to applying for this job?

Bridgehead International is a globally recognized provider of strategic consulting in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostics sectors. Our key services include pricing and market access strategies, opportunity assessment, and transaction support. The firm was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1994. We currently have offices in downtown New York City, Boston, London, and Melton Mowbray (UK). Bridgehead was recently voted as the UK Strategic Advisor of the Year – Health Care by ACQ Finance Magazine.

From a candidate’s perspective, what are the most important responsibilities associated with this position? What would a ‘typical day’ look like?

There is no typical day at Bridgehead. Consultants usually arrive at the office and start by checking up on the status of projects they are working on, which may have changed overnight, since our offices in the UK and US frequently collaborate on global projects. Then we begin working our way through the project tasks on deck – whether it’s developing a client presentation, creating an interview guide for a market research project, or researching a therapeutic area and its competitive landscape. Other key project tasks include conducting telephone discussions with key external healthcare stakeholders and developing financial models for a transaction support project. Periodically throughout the day you may field client calls, scan the latest news for developments relevant to you project areas, or have a teleconference to help out another project team in an area where you’ve developed a particular expertise. At 3 pm, we generally take a small break to sample the cookies that are provided each day before getting back to the task at hand. By the end of the day, you are tired but have a feeling of accomplishment. The nice part about being a consultant at Bridgehead is that travel is limited to when it’s essential. Most of our meetings with clients are conducted by teleconference which provides a great work-life balance.

Can you provide a little insight into the hiring process? Do you have any suggestions for jobseekers that are interested in differentiating themselves? In your opinion, which personal traits/qualities/attributes stands out most during the hiring process?

As a boutique firm, candidates get the opportunity to meet everyone in the office they plan to join. For New York, applicants begin by submitting their resume to The resumes are reviewed by consultants in the NY office and candidates that meet the criteria for a particular opening will be called and scheduled for one or two phone interviews. If the phone discussions go well, we then schedule in-person interviews so that the candidate can develop a feeling for Bridgehead and vice versa. In person interviews involve a mix of fit and case-style interviews, in which the candidate will work through a business problem presented by the interviewer. After reviewing all the candidates the team makes a decision and extends an offer.

Candidates that stand out best demonstrate a long standing interest in and knowledge of health care. Our typical candidate for the analyst/senior analyst role has an undergraduate degree in a science area and has 1-4 years experience in consulting or at a life sciences company. Senior analysts often have a master’s degree in a life science area or in public health. To stand out, a candidate should be a creative thinker, have strong analytical abilities, excellent oral and written communications skills, the ability to manage several projects at one time, be able to take the initiative without direct supervision, and have strong client relations skills. We also value foreign language capabilities (e.g. fluency in Mandarin).

Is there a particular approach that candidates should take when preparing for an interview? In today’s job market, what would qualify as going ‘above and beyond’?

Candidates should be themselves and be prepared to talk about their experiences and background, about why they are passionate about being in consulting and why they want to work at Bridgehead. Of course the usual logic applies that the candidate should research the firm and know about the current issues in our industry. In my experience, the best candidates differentiate themselves by providing value during the interview process. One candidate developed a situation analysis of a therapeutic area she knew best. The proposal was very detailed and truly made an impression on me.

It is essential that candidates have interest and experience in both business and healthcare. Those particularly strong from a clinical perspective should expect to provide details of their business experience. Conversely, for those with primarily business/commercial experience, we will look to understand their interest in health care and pharmaceuticals.

Let’s assume that someone has been chosen for this role. What advice would you give to a new hire who was interested in building a successful career with your firm? Is there anything you have learned along the way that you’d like to pass down?

Being a boutique firm, we offer people the chance to take on a lot of responsibility fairly quickly, and being flexible is critical. We all take on a number of roles in any given week. In the same day I can be the project leader on one project and a contributor with a different project. Learning to adapt to the situation is critical to success at Bridgehead and most consulting firms. The other advice I have is some that my Mom used to say when I was growing up “You have two ears and one mouth; you should use them in that ratio”. In my experience, everyone has the ability to teach me something and I love learning from all of my colleagues.

Most importantly, I should say that we are looking to hire an analyst or senior analyst. I will be posting the job in the next few weeks on Doostang.

As you can see, the opportunities are out there. Provided you’re prepared, all you need to do is find them. And we make that easy – for access to the crème de la crème of job openings, visit us at Doostang.

Wishing you much career success,

Team Doostang