Doostang Success — An Investment Banking Analyst Position in New York

University of Redlands, 2009
Investment Banking Analyst – Galileo Global Advisors

“I graduated from University of Redlands in 2009 with a BS in Global Business and minors in Economics and Mathematics. I spent my junior year at the London School of Economics. I was also a visiting student at Harvard University during half of my senior year.

I will be working for a company called Galileo Global Advisors based in Rockefeller center as an Investment Banking Analyst.

I had applied to many jobs in finance, but I was finally successful through Doostang because of its extensive database which helped me locate a position where my education, experience, and personal background were a perfect fit for the company.

Of course, Galileo is also the company I wanted to join the most.

During my job searching process, I had to overcame three challenges:

(1) applying to entry level positions (in investment banking) off-season

(2) applying to positions in New York from Redlands, CA, on the other side of the country

(3) applying to investment banking jobs in New York as a graduate from a small liberal arts school on the west coast

In fact, I not only used Doostang in my job search process, but also Monster, Career Builder, GloCap, Onewire, and Career Ladder. I have to say that Doostang is by far the best of all of the above.

Its extensive and up-to-date database had provided a vital information advantage. I recommend Doostang to anyone who believes that they are capable of more.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Equity Research Associate – First Class Advisory Service Provider, New York, NY

Analyst – Prominent Consulting Firm, Seattle, WA

Investment Sales Division Associate – Prominent Investment Sales Firm, New York, NY

Partner – New Top-Level Hotel Company, London, UK

Analyst or Associate – Leading Fund-of-Funds Organization, San Francisco, CA

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The Doostang Team

Doostang Success – The Exact Investment Banking Position that I Hoped to Find

University of Michigan, MBA, 2009

“I graduated with an MBA from the University of Michigan in 2009 and continued what was already by that point a frustrating job search. I spent the next six months networking like mad and applying to postings I found through the career services office and on job boards. With the job market so tough I was struggling to land interviews.

I decided to join Doostang on the advice of a fellow alumnus. I had used the service before when redirected to it by another job board, but was skeptical of paying to see postings that may be listed elsewhere for free. The tip proved invaluable, as within a month of joining the Premium service I found the posting that became my job.

I applied on a Sunday, on Monday received a notice that an employer had downloaded my resume, and by the following Sunday had my new job.

Doostang definitely features high-quality jobs not listed elsewhere, and in my case the employer was very motivated to find candidates quickly. Unlike some other services I tried, Doostang is not just recycling things you can find everywhere on the Internet.

The boutique investment banking position I found on Doostang turned out to be the perfect fit and exactly what I hoped to find. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to access the great opportunities Doostang provides.”

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Financial Analyst – Top-Tier Investment Advisor, New York, NY

Consultant – Leading Global Consultancy Firm, San Francisco, CA

Pre-MBA Associate – Top Tier Global Asset Management Firm, Dallas, TX

Research Associates – Premier Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Analyst – Prominent Private Equity Firm, New York, NY

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