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New York University, 2011
Compliance Analyst – ACA Compliance

Doostang attracts the right candidates and employers, making it easier for any college student or graduate to find a job in an industry of their choice. The vast selection of employers, industries, and job opportunities makes Doostang far superior to Monster, Careerbuilder, or even university career centers.

Within days of submitting my resumes, I was invited to interview with numerous firms, and within 2 months I was able to secure a job!

Also, Doostang gives those individuals who are liberal arts majors an opportunity to break into financial services. I studied political philosophy and law and society in college, but managed to interview with many financial firms and secure a job in the financial services/compliance industry.

And here’s where Doostang nails it: for every search or job, you’re able to see the connections you have at a potential firm, inviting you to network and speak with individuals before you apply.

I was able to meet and re-connect with many individuals in different firms just by using this feature, and I highly encourage others to do this as well.

I strongly believe that investing in Doostang was an investment done right.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Financial Associate Intern – LA-Based Private Investment Firm, Los Angeles, CA

Energy Consultant – Highly Specialized Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Assistant Analyst – Investment Advisory & Research Brokerage Firm, Shanghai, China

Associate Campaign Manager – Award-Winning New Media Agency, San Francisco, CA

Investment Banking Intern – Prestigious Boutique Banking Group, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — Breaking into the Finance / Business Industry

Stanford University, 2008
Consultant – London International Group

“I am a graduate from Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering and UC Irvine with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. After working in the Structural Engineering industry for over two years I decided that I wanted to try finance/business. Not knowing much about the industry I started my job hunt by doing online research and networking as much as I could. I contacted friends, family, and anyone I knew in the industry. I also browsed my alumni networks for any job postings.

After a week or two of research and networking, one of my friends mentioned a website called Doostang. So I decided to check it out and browse some of the jobs. The jobs looked very promising and I decided to sign up for the three-month membership.

I began applying and within a week or two I got a response from a consulting firm and they asked me to come in for a first round interview. After a couple of weeks I finally got the job.

Doostang was an essential part of my job search. The site is very organized, and the search function is great for browsing jobs.

By applying through Doostang I really felt that my cover letters and resumes were being read by the right people.

I was even notified by email whenever my resume was downloaded, which showed that someone in the company had a chance to see it.

Trying to break into the finance/business industry as an engineering major as opposed to a finance major was tough, especially since I didn’t really have the right connections, but Doostang provided those all important connections for me and I highly recommend the Premium Membership to anyone who is serious about finding a great job.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Business Analyst – Leading Real Estate Development Firm, New York, NY

Copy Editor – Leading News Provider, Washington, DC

Market Research Analyst – Diversified Financial Services Firm, Los Angeles, CA

Recruiter – Established Global Recruitment Agency, New York, NY

Post MBA Sr. Associate – Premier Venture Capital Firm, Austin, TX

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