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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006

Doostang was very helpful in assisting me in my search. Having spent the last four years of my career in investment banking and private equity, I was at a unique juncture of my career. I was looking for opportunities that could offer a different experience while still have a need for someone with my background. I found recruiting to be challenging initially because many positions did not have the right fit.

However, Doostang proved to be an excellent recruiting platform for a medley of financial firms, and ultimately I was able to speak with a number of firms that needed someone with my background and offered exactly what I was looking for.

Doostang not only has a user-friendly interface for employment seekers, but it also has highly valued opportunities from globally recognized employers. Doostang will only become more valuable for both employers and prospective employees as the brand continues to achieve critical mass. I would definitely recommend this website to any of my friends.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banking Analyst – Largest Full-Service Investment Bank, New York, NY

Research Associate – Leading Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Venture Banker – Leading Independent Asset Management Firm, Cambridge, MA

Associate Consultant – Global Management & Technology Consulting Firm, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Financial Analyst – Premier Investment Research Firm, New York, NY

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang News October 11: How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

Real Estate Investment Analyst, Los Angeles, CA
Green Technology Associate, Philadelphia, PA
Investment Banking Analyst, Atlanta, GA
Search Marketing Analyst Intern, San Francisco, CA
Senior Associate, Boston, MA

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While many people leave their previous positions simply in search of another opportunity or for logistical reasons, such as moving or needing to cut back on hours, others leave for slightly more complicated reasons, such as an abrasive boss or an unfulfilled promise.  Whatever your reason, there are certain ways to talk about this aspect of your job history so that your experience helps, not hurts you.

Don’t Badmouth Your Employer

This seems obvious, but sometimes people are tempted to put down their previous employer in order to justify a move that seems less logical otherwise.  Some individuals feel that dealing with a bad employer is a character building experience, one that sets them up to succeed more in their next position.  While this may be true, the best candidate in an interviewer’s eyes is someone who can maintain their grace and composure in a less than perfect situation.  When you digress in your interview and start bringing up the bad blood that existed between you and your former boss, you might come across as irrational or vindictive, two qualities that raise red flags for a hiring manager.  Try to speak more diplomatically, focusing on how the company culture may not have been an ideal fit.  You might bring up how you had a different outlook than your boss, but this is still a bit risky – you don’t want to come off as obstreperous.  When you can, try to stick to more neutral points, such as the fact that you achieved all you could at your old job and now you are ready to move on to something new.

Don’t Talk About the Negative Aspects of Your Last Job

Try not to focus on how things weren’t going well at your last job.  Again, you don’t want the hiring manager to associate any negativity with you – it’s important to keep the tone of the interview as positive as possible.  It’s even advisable not to talk about how you weren’t feeling challenged enough, even though this implies that you are ready to tackle tougher projects.  That’s because you don’t want to convey that you won’t stick around when you get bored; there will be times when an employer will need you to complete a project that you may not be excited about.  Overall, try not to come across as someone who won’t be reliable if the job is less than perfect from time to time – you want to seem as flexible as possible.

Don’t Dwell on the Question

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of time discussing why you left your old job, but rather, should focus on why you want to enter this new one.  The less time you devote to the matter, the less the hiring manager will think about it, and the smaller the odds that your answer will raise any eyebrows.  Simply explain how you are ready to start an exciting, new chapter in your life and that you’re very happy for the opportunity to consider a position like the one they are offering.

When it comes down to it, the main reason hiring managers ask why you left your last position is to figure out if there is anything that they should be wary of in your past.  If you don’t give them any reason to question your integrity or work ethic, but instead focus on how excited you are about the job at hand, this tricky question should have little bearing on your chances of getting the job!

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Doostang New Jobs This Week: September 20 – 26

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

1st Yr Private Equity Analyst, Dallas, TX – Premier Global Independent Asset Management Firm seeks 1st Yr Private Equity Analyst.

Brand Strategy Analyst, London, UK – Prominent Brand Management Consulting Firm seeks Brand Strategy Analyst.

Jr. Associate/Sr. Analyst, San Francisco, CA - Elite MA&R Advisory Group seeks Sr. Analyst/Jr. Associate.

Business Consultant, New York, NY – Premier Provider of Investment Technology & Execution Solutions seeks Business Consultant.

Financial Analyst, Los Angeles, CA – High-End Customized Investment Management seeks Financial Analyst: Investment Advisory Group.

Sr. Energy Analyst, Washington, DC – Highly Influential Non-profit Organization seeks Sr. Energy Analyst.

Analyst – Trust Company, New York, NY – Premier Global Independent Asset Management Firm seeks Analyst.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: August 30 – September 5

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Jr. High Yield Research Analyst, New York, NY – Global Asset Management Firm seeks Jr. High Yield Research Analyst.

Procurement Services Director, Nationwide – Executive Search & Recruiting Services seeks Procurement Services Director.

Trader, Chicago, IL – Premier Market Maker in Financial Exchanges seeks Trader.

Public & Private Sector Strategy Consultant, Mclean, VA – Strategy & Technology Consulting Firm seeks Public & Private Sector Strategy Consultant.

Investment Banking Analyst, Boston, MA – Global Investment Banking seeks Investment Banking Analyst.

Business Strategy Planner/Manager, Palo Alto, CA – Largest Internet Company seeks Business Strategy Planner/Manager.

Real Estate Investment Analyst Internship, New York, NY – Investment & Asset Management Firms seeks Real Estate Investment Analyst Intern.

Avoid a Job Hunt Rut

By Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

Investment Banking Analyst, Boston, MA
Product Quality Associate, SF Bay Area, CA
Analyst / Associate, Philadelphia, PA
Fall Intern, New York, NY
Technology M&A Analyst, Foster City, CA

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Does this sound familiar? You see a post for that dream job and promptly submit your resume – only to hear nothing for days, then weeks. You wonder why you didn’t receive a response as you continue to scour postings for the next position that seems like an ideal match.

If your job search has hit this type of rut, take heart. It doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t just as qualified as your competition. It could just mean your job search strategy is all wrong.

In a job market this tough, you need to be more aggressive than ever to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. The key is to gain as much exposure as possible. The more you put your resume out there, the greater your chances for grabbing a hiring manager’s attention.

Here are a few ways to jump start your stalling job search:

Utilize job boards

Employers once relied solely on high-priced headhunters to gain access to highly-qualified candidate pools. Now, they can turn to the Internet – namely, job boards — where job seekers post their resumes. The boards match qualified applicants with open positions based on employers’ customized criteria.

While most job seekers are familiar with mainstream boards such as Monster, they may not realize there are literally hundreds of boards tailored by industry, profession, or diversity group. For those concerned with privacy issues, most boards even offer the option of keeping certain details of your contact information confidential until an employer wants to reach you. Most allow job seekers to post a resume free of charge, so there’s really no good reason to ignore these opportunities.

Send a follow-up letter

If you have already sent in your resume only to yield no result, don’t be afraid to take another shot. Rather than just submitting your resume a second time with a standard cover letter, use a follow-up letter. This approach is particularly useful if you’ve updated your resume recently and would like a chance to submit the new-and-improved version. A follow-up letter allows you to reintroduce yourself while demonstrating you are very serious about a company or position.

Unlike making a telephone call to follow up, a letter doesn’t catch the employer by surprise or put him or her in the awkward position of talking to you without the benefit of your resume for reference. Keep the letter short and to the point, but be sure to focus on why you would be ideal for the position. The goal is to lure the reader into revisiting your resume, giving your application a second chance.

Prepare a 30-second speech about yourself

Whether you attend an organized networking event or happen to run into a former colleague in the park, you should be prepared to capitalize on opportunities to establish professional contacts that can lead to your next job. Many job seekers lament that networking events, like those sponsored by college alumni organizations or professional associations, are a waste of time. After all, you meet so many new people and have such a brief window of time to make any impression at all. Before you’ve finished with small talk, the conversation is over without even getting to the reason you were there in the first place.

Going in prepared, however, can make all the difference. Creating and practicing an “elevator pitch” – a 30-second speech summarizing your professional qualifications and goals – can make the most of the limited time you have to establish new contacts. As an added bonus, you will also eliminate those terribly awkward moments when you struggle for what to say.

Take advantage of online networking sites

Setting up profiles on popular networking sites, such as LinkedIn, not only provides you with an online presence for your professional qualifications. It also helps you reconnect with former colleagues with whom you’ve lost touch. The wider your network of contacts, the more potential opportunities will come your way. Joining most of the popular online networking sites is free, so there’s really no excuse not to do it.

Of course, for any of these techniques to be effective, you need to be sure employers can not only find you, but will be impressed with what they see. That’s why it is crucial to make sure your resume is up to par and rich in keywords before these methods can jump start your job search.

About the Author:

Alesia Benedict, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC) is the President of, the country’s leading resume writing firm. They provide professionals with customized, branded resumes and career marketing documents. Her and her firm’s credentials include being cited by JIST Publications as one of the “best resume writers in North America,” quoted as a career expert in The Wall Street Journal, and published in a whopping 25+ career books. Established in 1994, the firm has aided more than 100,000 job seekers to date. All resume writers are certified writers. offers a free resume critique and their services come with a wonderful guarantee — interviews in 30 days or they’ll rewrite for free!

Doostang New Jobs This Week: August 16 – 22

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Hedge Fund Research Analyst, New York, NY – Leading Hedge Fund Research and Advisory Firm seeks Hedge Fund Research Analyst.

Entry-Level Ad Sales Assistant, Chicago, IL – Premier Global Media and Entertainment Company seeks Entry-Level Ad Sales Assistant.

Financial Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Leading Technology-Focused Independent Investment Bank seeks Financial Analyst.

VP of Strategy, St Petersburg, FL – Leading Home Shopping Network seeks VP of Strategy.

Associate, Wellesley, MA – Rapidly Growing Investment Firm seeks Associate.

Business Solutions Consultant, Mclean, VA – Leading Financial Marketing & Intelligence Firm seeks Business Solutions Consultant.

PE Associate / Analyst, Philadelphia, PA – Prestigious Middle-Market Private Equity Firm seeks for a PE Analyst/Associate.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: August 9 – 15

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Investment Banking Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Boutique Investment Bank is Looking for an Analyst.

Jr. Fundraising Associate, New York, NY – Political Consulting Firm seeks Jr. Fundraising Associate.

Director of Audit, Omaha, NE – Premier Global Ecommerce Platform is Looking for a Sr. Director of Audit.

HR Assistant, New York, NY – Innovative Digital Community Media Company is Looking for an HR Assistant.

Strategy Analyst, Denver, CO – Rapidly-growing Restaurant Group is Looking for a Strategy Analyst.

Operations Manager, Cincinnati, OH – National Retirement Plan Administration and Consulting Firm seeks Operations Manager.

Associate, Stamford, CT – Leading Private Investing Firm seeks an Associate.

Doostang Success – The Exact Investment Banking Position that I Hoped to Find

University of Michigan, MBA, 2009

“I graduated with an MBA from the University of Michigan in 2009 and continued what was already by that point a frustrating job search. I spent the next six months networking like mad and applying to postings I found through the career services office and on job boards. With the job market so tough I was struggling to land interviews.

I decided to join Doostang on the advice of a fellow alumnus. I had used the service before when redirected to it by another job board, but was skeptical of paying to see postings that may be listed elsewhere for free. The tip proved invaluable, as within a month of joining the Premium service I found the posting that became my job.

I applied on a Sunday, on Monday received a notice that an employer had downloaded my resume, and by the following Sunday had my new job.

Doostang definitely features high-quality jobs not listed elsewhere, and in my case the employer was very motivated to find candidates quickly. Unlike some other services I tried, Doostang is not just recycling things you can find everywhere on the Internet.

The boutique investment banking position I found on Doostang turned out to be the perfect fit and exactly what I hoped to find. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to access the great opportunities Doostang provides.”

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Financial Analyst – Top-Tier Investment Advisor, New York, NY

Consultant – Leading Global Consultancy Firm, San Francisco, CA

Pre-MBA Associate – Top Tier Global Asset Management Firm, Dallas, TX

Research Associates – Premier Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Analyst – Prominent Private Equity Firm, New York, NY

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang Success — A Perfect Match for My Needs

Georgia Tech, 2010
Sr. Operations Cost Analyst – World Minerals

Doostang has worked really well for me and I’m sure it will for anyone looking for opportunities in the areas of investment banking, finance, quantitative research, consulting, supply chain and marketing.

Being in the final semester at my grad school, my time was very limited and I really needed a very good job portal that gave the right list of jobs, so that I could spend my time more on preparing my resume / cover letter and less on finding the listing itself.

Doostang turned out to be a perfect match for my needs. And the best part is that you get responses really quickly, as most of the postings are for immediate hire.

I also got value from the Doostang newsletters, where the tips are very crisp and relevant to current market scenarios.

Finally, I have a few tips for current job seekers:

1. Go Premium on Doostang and actively search for positions

2. Apply for each job as if it’s the only job you are applying to

3. Do not waste time on applying for positions where you know you are not a great fit.

Good luck!”

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Capital Markets Analyst – Rapidly Growing Investment Firm, New York, NY
Associate Consultant – Premier Strategy Consulting Firm, Boston, MA

Associate – Newly Launched Middle Market Investment Banking Firm, Los Angeles, CA
Administrative/PR/Marketing Manager – Top Provider of Solar Energy Solutions, Closter, NJ
Private Equity Consulting Associate – Global Investment Advisory Firm, San Francisco, CA

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team

Doostang Success — Time Efficient Job Searching

NYU Stern, 2007
Associate – Arlon Opportunities Investors

Doostang is a platform that excels in time-efficient job searching.  I used it because the posts on the site are high quality and organized in such a way that I was not forced to slog through useless posts.  A better organized site is worth the money — especially when your time is constrained by long finance hours.

I simply applied through the website’s standard platform, was contacted by the firm, and got the job!”

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Analyst – Leading Hedge Fund, New York, NY
Healthcare Strategy Consultant – Leading Business Strategy Consulting Firm, Boston, MA
Operations Associate – Prominent Investment Management Firm, San Francisco, CA
Business Advisory Services Manager – Top Consulting Company, Nationwide
Investment Banking Intern – Experienced Technology Investment Bank, Los Angeles, CA

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Happy Job Searching!

The Doostang Team