How Doostang Helped Me Land My First Job Out of Grad School

This success story comes from a 2008 graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Aftering finishing graduate school in Fall 2008, I spent about 6-7 months searching for a job. As everyone knows, the job market was not kind to recent graduates, and I was trying anything and everything to land a job - from attending conferences to cold calling people. I was convinced that the traditional method of sending a resume and cover letter through a job search engine was not going to cut it in this environment. However, Doostang was the remarkable exception to this rule. I was beginning to find myself receiving more interviews through positions I applied for on Doostang than via any other means.

“…the epic long search ended with me finding an amazing position, in the exact field I wanted through simply clicking ‘Send’ on Doostang!”

So of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised when the epic long search ended with me finding an amazing position, in the exact field I wanted, through simply clicking ‘Send’ on Doostang!  I think the true value in this site is that you can be pretty confident that someone is reading your application – and you are always given a real person to follow-up with. In true social networking fashion, you are connected to recruiters and employers in a reliable way. When people ask me how I found my job, I always love to tell the story of how I was trying everything in the book – and in the end it was Doostang that faciliated the opportunity that I was looking for!

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