Doostang Success — Job Offer after Just 15 Days


Villanova University, 2010
Trader – Capital Asset Exchange and Trading

“After being disappointed with the employers on my university website, a friend recommended I try out Doostang.  I was very open minded about my job search and submitted my resume to as many companies as I could.

Only halfway into my one-month membership I got invited by a firm to come to their office in San Francisco all the way from Philadelphia.  After a stressful and trying interview they offered me a job on the spot.

I had spent over 4 months interviewing with companies on my campus and it only took 15 days on Doostang.  What can I say, thank you Doostang!”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Jr. Analyst – Prominent European Event-Driven Equity Hedge Fund, New York, NY

Events & Media Associate – Innovative Leader in Pain Relief Industry, Chicago, IL

Private Equity Associate – Preferred Capital Partner, Dallas, TX

Consultant – Integrated Consulting & Research Firm, San Francisco, CA

Investment Banking Analyst (FIG, M&A) – Premier Boutique Investment Bank, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — 8 Interviews and an Offer from a Boutique Private Equity Firm

Columbia University, 2010
Investment Manager – New York Pacific Company

“Before I came to NYC to get an MBA, I did not have any work experience in the financial service industry. When I graduated from business school with an MBA degree and previous unsuccessful start-up experience, I found that I was not welcomed by Wall Street in the tough market. Even the expensive MBA degree could not help me switch my career path as I had planned before.

Later, one of my friends who studied at Wharton recommended Doostang to me and told me that the jobs on Doostang overlapped with most of the jobs on the internal website from his B-School career development center. When I heard that, I joined Doostang right away.

After two weeks, I received 8 interviews from various employers in the financial service industry, and finally I got an offer from a Boutique PE firm on Wall Street that directly invests in companies in China.

Thanks a lot for Doostang’s help. I have recommended this precious resource to all my friends who still struggle hard to find a job in this tough market. I hope they can eventually achieve their goal as well.”

Share your Doostang success story and get a
$500 Signing Bonus
from Doostang!

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Sr. Financial Analyst – Top Tier Real Estate Investment Company, Washington, DC

Business Consultant – Rapidly Growing Strategic Consulting Firm, San Francisco, CA

Graduate Analyst – Leading Social Investment Institution, London, UK

Consumer Finance Analyst – Provider of Global Market Research Intelligence, Chicago, IL

Investment Banking Analyst – Leader in Providing Investment Banking Services, New York, NY

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Doostang Success – An Incredible NYC Hedge Fund Job

Vanderbilt University, 2009

“I emphatically recommend Doostang to anyone looking for a job in finance – especially in NYC. I used it as my primary resource once I quickly struck out with networking. I graduated from college in 2009, and like almost everyone else who wanted to go to New York and work in banking / finance in my graduating class, I did not have a job lined up. And though I did have a strong resume, no one was hiring anywhere in NYC. Once the networking didn’t work out, I really had no other option but hopeless online resume drops and online career aggregators.

I came across Doostang from my school’s career center. To me, I had assumed online was a waste of time and money because ‘everyone was doing it’ and assumed my rez would never get seen regardless if the service was premium. Worse, the job I was seeking was ultra competitive – a first year analyst job at an i-bank or a hedge fund.

But once I signed up for the Doostang trial and started picking around, I was pleasantly shocked by the large number of high quality banking/finance postings they had. They weren’t just blind resume drops like careerbuilder, monster and others.

In fact, most postings had direct email addresses to the HR rep.

Another nice touch is that you can see if your resume has been opened and downloaded by the HR contact. Very underrated feature. That way I knew if people were actually looking at my email and resume.

I liked the nice mix of big and small firms too. I especially liked that Doostang also had a tool that allows you to save a search. That was extremely helpful for me and saved me a lot of time ‘picking through the weeds’. I could quickly and easily submit the same saved search query every couple of days, and the search results would simply populate only the new jobs. Also, another nice feature is once I applied for a job, a list of similar recommended jobs would populate in case my saved search missed any.

Doostang was also helpful to use as a complementary tool for networking. If I saw a job posting on Doostang where I knew a contact at the firm, I would reach out to my contact after I applied through Doostang and reference the job opening that I had just applied to. Sort of like an ice breaker.

Most importantly, of the 20 or so jobs I applied to weekly, the response hit was surprisingly high at around 20%.

Over the course of ten months that I was job hunting, I submitted over 400 resumes on Doostang (they keep track for you), received around ten legitimate phone and in-house interviews from top firms, and ended up landing an incredible job at a NYC hedge fund that I found on Doostang.

I never would have found it elsewhere and I would definitely still be looking for a job if it wasn’t for this website.

Easily worth every penny. Heck, I’d have paid $100 a month for the service in hindsight because my new job is awesome. By the way, my roommate was in the same jobless situation as I was after college, and he landed his new NYC investment banking job through Doostang too.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Hedge Fund Analyst / Intern – Premier Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund, New York, NY
Strategic Planning Manager – Top Strategy, Innovation and Design Company, San Francisco, CA
Pre-MBA Private Equity Associate – National Private Investment Firm, Los Angeles, CA
Research Analyst – Leading Economics Consulting Firm, Washington, DC
Equity Research Associate – Global Leader in Equity Research, Chicago, IL

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