Doostang News March 21: How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

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We all have those days at work that never end – you can’t stay focused, unexpected obstacles keep appearing out of nowhere, and work starts to pile up.  Feelings of frustration and hopelessness at work often make their way into the rest of your life, causing more stress at the office, and so a vicious cycle begins.  Check out our list below for a few things that you can do to stay on top of everything at work.

Make Lists

When you’re particularly busy, it’s easy to forget about something important, which can lead to further problems and further stress.  If you start to feel as though the workload is becoming too much, take a few minutes to write down everything that you need to do.  Aside from keeping you organized, doing so will often lead you to realize that all those things that you need to accomplish are more manageable than you thought.

Communicate with your Boss

If things feel as though they’re getting away from you, it’s important to connect with your boss from time to time.  Perhaps you need to go over a complicated project, ask for an extension, or even just talk things over with someone.  It’s better to keep your boss in the loop and let him or her know what’s going on – they might be able to help you out, but even if not, at least this way they’ll know to look out for things a little later than expected.  Failure to communicate could lead to more problems.

Ask for Help

If there’s too much on your plate, don’t be afraid to ask a coworker to lend a hand.  Many will be happy to help you out, especially if you’re willing to return the favor in the future.  Enlisting someone’s help also has the added benefit of getting another opinion on a matter, or seeing how someone else approaches the same project – in a possibly more productive manner.  Don’t be shy or assume that others will be unwilling to help you just because they are busy too.

Feeling overwhelmed at work is a slippery slope.  For many individuals, the more overwhelmed they feel the less productive they are, which complicates things further.  So even when you’re at your busiest, take some extra time to get yourself organized and don’t be afraid to reach out to others for a little help.

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