How to have a Successful Phone Interview

Phone Interview SkillsWith the increase in the amount of companies willing to hire the right candidates from outside of their region, as well as using phone interviews to avoid wasting valuable time on in-person meetings that aren’t worth it, interviewees are now seeing more and more requests for the initial interview to be over the phone.

Many job seekers find it difficult to be able to provide a quality phone interview, but with the right skills the process becomes easier. Whether it is because they can’t see the expressions of the interviewers after each answer, or because they’re worried about the possibility of a bad connection, there are ways to make sure that these mishaps are avoided.

In-person interviews give the interviewee the opportunity to gauge how the interviewers are feeling about them so far, and adjust accordingly. For example, if the job seeker gets the impression that the interviewer is confused by an answer based on their facial expression or body language, they can offer to explain it further. Phone interviews don’t allow you to pick up on these cues, but these interviews do have benefits.

Have everything in front of you

One of the most important things is to never be caught off guard. Print out your resume, as well as some notes that highlight your skills even further. Give yourself reminders about how your expertise made a difference in your previous positions, along with more in depth details about your previous tasks and responsibilities. Preparation is one of the many phone interview skills that can help you land your dream job.

Having notes will help you say everything you’d like to in order to prove you’re a great fit for the position. Keep in mind that although they cannot see you during the interview, you should avoid reading off sentence after sentence because it will make you seem rehearsed and inauthentic.

Utilize your computer

Have your computer ready, so you can pull up the company’s website, as well as have a search engine ready in case you are asked any unexpected questions.  The company’s website should always be up,  as you will likely be asked questions that test your company knowledge.

Be free of distractions

Whether you are at your office or at home, it is important to make sure that you are free of distractions. When you have noise in the background it can be difficult for both you and the interviewer to focus and they won’t want to waste their time conducting an interview that irritates them. Make sure you put the pets away, have someone monitoring the kids and create a quiet space that gives you the chance to enhance your phone interview skills.

Bring energy

It is easier to sound bored than it is to sound motivated and excited during a phone interview. It’s important for you to express your emotions verbally. Sound passionate about your work and how you can apply your skills to enhance their success. A great tip is to smile. Usually, when you smile your tone becomes energetic and the interviewers will pick up on that and note that if they hire you, you’ll bring positive energy into the office.


Many companies are choosing to do phone interviews prior to in-person interviews because they don’t want to waste their time on candidates that are clearly not a good fit for the company. Look at phone interviews as a screening process; you have to utilize your phone interview skills to convince them that you are worth making it to the next round. Be professional, prepare yourself and give them as many reasons as possible for why you should take over the position.