Doostang New Jobs This Week: Nov 15 – 21

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Private Equity / Fund Management Associate, New York, NY – Largest Global Infrastructure Investment Managers seeks Private Equity / Fund Management Associate.

Entry level Java Software Engineer, Washington, DC – The Sr. Lifestyle Industry seeks Entry-Level Java Software Engineer.

Associate, Los Angeles, CA – Independent Management-Owned Private Equity Firm seeks Associate.

Marketing & Operations Assistant , Chicago, IL – Premier Media & Lifestyle Company seeks Marketing & Operations Assistant.

Business Operations/Compliance Analyst, New York, NY – Boutique Investment Management Firm seeking Business Operations/Compliance Analyst.

EasyLanguage Engineer, Richardson, TX – Leading Trading Assistance Software Developer seeks EasyLanguage Engineer.

Real Estate Analyst, New York, NY – Nationally Recognized Valuation Firm seeks Real Estate Analyst.

Mareza goes back to school

I was fortunate enough to return to Stanford Business School on Sunday night for a dinner with the admits in the Class of 2011. The first person to greet me was the Director of Admissions for Stanford’s MBA Program, Derrick Bolton. I don’t know how he does it but Derrick always puts together extremely talented and well rounded classes, and the Class of 2011 is no exception. Private equity professionals, consultants, screenwriters, media gurus, non-profit leaders. I would say that there were 200 or so admits present at the dinner. Which made me start to think…


Stanford is one of the smaller business schools, with approximately 350 students admitted each year. In fact over 10,000 students enroll in The Top 25 US MBA Programs each year. That’s over 10,000 excellent jobs in fields such as finance, consulting, media & entertainment that started to open up in January, around the same time that Derrick started calling those first round applicants to tell them that they had been offered a place in Stanford’s MBA Class of 2011. And to prove it, here are just a few Premium Jobs that have been posted on Doostang over the past few days:

Venture Capital Analyst, Centripetal Capital Partners, Stamford, CT

Senior Analyst, VoD Sales Planning & Analysis, Warner Bros, Burbank, CA

Real Estate Intern, Mesa West Capital, Los Angeles, CA

What if I am a post MBA, I hear you ask? Well, here are some great Premium Jobs posted over the past few days for you:

Engagement Manager, Keystone Strategy, San Francisco, CA

Senior Equity Analyst, L/S Hedge Fund, HIG Capital, Miami, FL

MBA Marketing Intern, LucasFilm Entertainment Company, San Francisco, CA

Now that bonus season is coming to an end, we are starting to see a considerable amount of movement at the post MBA level, which will lead to thousands more career opportunities for you. We are working tirelessly at Doostang to bring these thousands upon thousands of great career opportunities to our Premium Members.

As I walked towards my car to drive home, I started to think about Doostang’s first days back in 2005 while I was still an MBA student at Stanford. If it hadn’t been for Derrick accepting me as a member of the Class of 2006, there wouldn’t be a Doostang today.

Thank you Derrick.


Has George W. gone Premium? And other questions of import

Our Premium Jobs have generated a lot of interest from our members (not to mention Businessweek), and a few questions. Whether you’re on the market and curious due to the recession or term limits, we wanted to take a moment to answer them:

Is Premium right for me?
You’re really the best judge of this, if we had to characterize our Premium Jobs here’s what we’d say: several thousand elite opportunities, about half in finance and half in other industries (consulting, media, entertainment and technology are big), mostly in major metro areas (New York, San Francisco, LA, etc), and from the internship to VP level, with a sweet spot at the 2-6 years of experience range. It’s no coincidence that mirrors our community demographics ;). Here’s a quick taste:

Once I Go Premium, can I see the names of the hiring companies?
Absolutely. You’ll have access to the full description of every Premium Job, and can apply to as many as you’d like for the duration of your subscription.

What happens when I submit my application? Where does it go?
ALL of our Premium Jobs go to REAL PEOPLE, i.e. hiring managers. Why should you care? A lot of jobs posted online aren’t advertisements for real openings. If you’ve ever encountered postings tied to generic company inboxes or, worse yet, fake postings by a recruiting agency that’s just collecting resumes, you know how frustrating this is. Not on Doostang – our Premium Jobs are real jobs, with real people and a real inbox behind them. Beat’s a black hole, right?

These jobs are great, but it would be nice to save some money right now. Any discounts?
Damn straight. There are two ways to Go Premium and save. First, all members of our preferred alumni networks are eligible for exclusive discounts up to 40% so, join your school network today. Second, once you go premium, you can refer your friends to Premium and have your membership extended for free every time one of your friends upgrades. And get this – your friends will get a 50% discount, something they will likely appreciate in light of, well, the “R” word.

So, has George W. gone Premium?
Either that or the guys with wires in their ears in an unmarked van outside our office are just the future of bluetooth.

That’s it for now, but please keep the questions coming! That’s how we make Doostang better for you.

Happy Tuesday,

Team Doostang

Job Search Secret Sauce

Finding your dream job in a recession is like shooting a fish in a barrel. It’s tiring, your target’s a damn fish, and you have to listen to advice-givers around you use empty business clichés like “fish in a barrel.”

We’ll spare you watered-down career e-vice and talk of “recession-busting” until we run out of things to do. For now, we’d rather spend our time finding the really great opportunities out there and bringing them to our exceptional members.

That’s a medium way of saying, if you haven’t checked out our Premium Jobs yet, it’s about time:

Go Premium on Doostang to get unlimited access to jobs just like these. Even though they rarely make it online, we’re working hard to make them yours.