Doostang New Jobs This Week: September 13 – 19

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

M&A Sr. Analyst, Los Angeles, CA – Global Financial Information Services Provider seeks Sr. Analyst.

Consultant, Nationwide – Top-Tier Pricing Advisory Firm seeks Consultant.

Intern, New York, NY - Unique Investment Banking Organization seeks Intern.

Climate & Transportation Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Leading Service Provider of Foundation Center seeks Climate & Transportation Analyst.

Risk Management Analyst, Charlotte, NC – Bulge Bracket Global Investment Banking & Wealth Management Firm seeks Risk Management Analyst.

Corporate Strategy Director, Barcelona, Spain – Leader in Hospitality Management seeks Corporate Strategy Director.

Private Equity Fall Intern, New York, NY – Entrepreneurially Structured Private Investment Firm seeks Private Equity Fall Intern.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: September 6 – 12

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Research Analyst, New York, NY – Financial Industry Search and Market Intelligence seeks Research Analyst.

Advertising Sales Executive, San Francisco, CA – Lifestage Media Company seeks Advertising Sales Executive.

Private Equity Associate, Darien, CT – Financial Services & Investment Firm seeks Private Equity Associate.

Sr. Associate / Manager, Cambridge, MA – Life Science Management Firm seeks Senior Associate/Manager.

Sr. Analyst / Jr. Associate, Los Angeles, CA – Boutique M&A Investment Bank seeks Sr. Analyst/Jr. Associate.

Content Analyst & Assistant, Portland, OR – Online Discount Shopping Destination seeks Content Analyst.

Investment Associate, Somerville, NJ – Global Asset Management Firm seeks Investment Associate.

Doostang New Jobs This Week: July 19 – 25

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Investment Analyst, New York, NY – Global Alternative Investment Management Firm seeks Analyst.

Consultant, Washington, DC – Leading Information Services and Advisory Firm seeks Consultant.

Private Equity Associate (Pre-MBA), San Francisco, CA – Top Tier Private Equity Firm is Looking for a Pre-MBA Private Equity Associate.

Marketing Associate, Jersey City, NJ – Top Privately Owned Placement Service Firm seeks Marketing Associate.

Investment Banking Associate, Atlanta, GA – Prominent Full-Service Investment Banking Firm seeks Investment Banking Associate.

Real Estate Analyst, New York, NY – New York’s Premier Realty Firm seeks Real Estate Analyst (Underwriter).

Sr. Analyst – Corporate Business Development & Strategy, Los Angeles, CA – Fully Integrated, Broad Based Global Entertainment Company is Looking for a Senior Analyst to Join its Corporate Business Development & Strategy Team.

Doostang News: Private Equity & Hedge Fund Jobs in Focus

Top Premium JobsSenior Equity Portfolio Manager, San Francisco, CA
Private Equity Analyst, Newport Beach, CA
Portfolio Associate, Chicago, IL
Hedge Fund Research Assistant, New York, NY
Venture Capital Associate, Boston, MA

Private Equity and Hedge Fund positions can be extremely rewarding – but difficult to come by at the moment.

Where are the jobs? What if I only have an operations background? How should I think about my search? Read on as Samantha Cerone – an NYU grad with a background in restructuring – helps us tackle these tough questions.

Making it Happen in Finance with Samantha Cerone.

How did you first become involved in Finance? What path ultimately led you to Private Equity?

I graduated from NYU in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Prior to beginning my full time career, I worked hard during my undergraduate years to secure various internships. I had always known that I wanted a career in Finance. Following graduation, I started my career in Private Equity at Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin’s Financial Restructuring group. For those unfamiliar with the term, Private Equity involves making private investments in portfolio companies and managing them actively so as to generate value within each portfolio company. The ultimate goal of the private equity investor is to generate enough cash flow from each of its portfolio companies to pay off leverage and make a return on each equity investment.

Tell us a bit about your experience at a hedge fund. What did an average day look like?

As a hedge fund analyst, I was responsible for staying abreast of several companies within select industries, including gaming and chemicals. I would study each company within my industries in great detail, focusing on its operations, its balance sheet and financial earnings projections. To do this I relied on resources such as public filings, earnings calls, industry consultants and conversations with management teams.

On an average day I would come into the office at 7:00 AM and catch up on the morning news. This could take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours. During the day, I would have set up several phone calls with various research analysts, industry consultants and managers to discuss different companies or investments that I would be looking at. Quiet moments during the day were valuable time for reading financial statements, earnings call transcripts or information on an industry that I covered.

I would meet with my team a few times a week to discuss global macro-economic trends and things that might impact our portfolio of investments. During these meetings I would bring to my team’s attention anything I noticed in my industries that might impact another industry or any investment ideas that I might be thinking about. There was not a lot of variation in my role on a month to month basis. The biggest challenge as a hedge fund analyst is time management. No one really gives deadlines. The analyst is responsible for idea generation and for managing her time and her portfolio manager’s expectations. My portfolio manager never checked in with me so it was important to be self-motivated and proactive, always being in communication with my portfolio manager about what I was working on and how my work was progressing.

At this point in your profession, what do you consider to be the largest comparative advantages and disadvantages associated with choosing to pursue a career in private equity?

The largest advantage would be the ability to actively manage a portfolio investment. As a hedge fund analyst, I am often looking at an investment as a public investor. Many of my questions go unanswered and much of my work involves doing lots of research in order to make very educated guesses. Private equity involves a more formal due diligence process with the assistance and support of the management team in place. Also, when I have ideas for a company as a public side investor I don’t always have access to management so it’s not easy to get ideas implemented. Lastly, I have come to prefer transaction-based work and its emphasis on strategic negotiation and relationships. One of the biggest disadvantages of private equity is that it is very cyclical. The abundance of credit in the market enabled private equity to flourish up until 2008. Now that there is not ample liquidity to get deals done, it is harder to be as dynamic in PE. Investors are seeking more liquid investments and shorter term market plays. There is definitely more opportunity within hedge funds whose mandates are more flexible than those of a traditional PE fund.

How can candidates without previous experience in the finance sector differentiate themselves when applying for these opportunities? Can you offer any advice for young professionals that are interested in become involved in finance during these difficult economic times?

If someone is creative and has experience with strategy and operations he should try to communicate to interviewers how he can relate that experience to a financial statement and why this is valuable. For example, though most of my work day involved sitting behind a computer reading news feeds or other information, on occasion I would visit a company. My first time on a plant tour, I didn’t really know what to look for or what I should be paying attention to. I remember visiting an aluminum smelting facility and being so impressed by the sight of bubbling liquid-hot aluminum that I failed to notice how inefficient the plant was set up. It takes a discerning eye to understand how these inefficiencies show up on an income statement. A candidate should do his best to convey that he brings a fresh perspective to a team of financial experts who might overlook operational or strategic nuances.
How can well-educated, motivated young professionals take advantage of this moment? Where are the opportunities and what types of career paths are showing promise?

There are lots of entrepreneurs and startups that are building businesses from scratch. I think this is a tremendous opportunity to get one’s foot in the door and grow within a potentially burgeoning organization. I started my career in financial restructuring. I think that restructuring is a promising career path right now. There are a lot of insolvent companies and financial meltdowns that require a very special set of skills that only restructuring bankers and legal advisors possess. Experience in restructuring would provide a young professional with a solid real-world education in what makes a business falter. It is a great opportunity to learn how to rebuild businesses and identify potential pitfalls.

What are your future career plans? What advice would you offer to someone with several years of industry experience who is currently trying to navigate the tumultuous job market? (What strategies have you employed?)

I am applying to business school for fall 2010 and concurrently looking for employment. If I am fortunate enough to secure full-time employment then I intend to participate in a part-time MBA program. Should I attend a full-time program, I will be actively seeking a private equity internship because I ultimately want a career in PE. I am also interested in careers in restructuring. My experience in restructuring was a very satisfying intellectual challenge.
Networking is crucial. It is important to communicate that you are unemployed and that you are still looking. People are busy and not always thinking about your career path if you have been remiss in communicating for several months. The one good thing about this economic downturn is that people are more willing to sit and chat than before. I have been setting up informational interviews with various professionals, some of whom are even quite famous. I am very frank in communicating to someone that I desire to emulate his or her successes and I desire mentorship or at least some pearl of wisdom. Most people are very pleased to help a young professional like myself land on her feet once again after this tumultuous period in our economy

I am very gregarious. I make a memorable impression on people and I use this to develop a network. No only do I benefit from the people I meet; I also do a good job of introducing people within my network to each other. I seek to create an exchange of ideas amongst the people in my network rather than establish a one-way flow of information from my mentors to me. This demonstrates that I am conscientious of other people’s objectives and people are very appreciative of this and perpetually willing to support my goals.

And there you have it. Relentless commitment to a goal in conjunction with the proper resources create a critical foundation for achieving your professional goals.

Though we can’t make you more driven, we can provide you with the tools that will help take you to the next level of your career. If you’re ready to take the initiative, visit us at Doostang for more info.

Team Doostang


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Sweet Premium Jobs

Jr. Equity Trader, Goldman Sachs, New York, NY
Associate, Corporate Strategy, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA
Private Equity Principal, Alcuin Capital, London, UK
Investment Banking Summer Analyst, Lazard, New York, NY
Quantitative Researcher, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mclean, VA
Private Equity Fund of Funds Analyst, Hamilton Lane, PA

We’re one day closer to the weekend and, judging from this week’s news, we all need it. Between Dow Jones disturbia and hip hop celebri-relationship disturbia… Remind us again what those problems were exactly when there was mo’ money?

The good news: we’ve got thousands of excellent opportunities on Doostang to keep you inspired, both here in the US and around the world. Today we turn our glances to international job markets to get perspective for those considering a move elsewhere. A friend of Doostang, who went from U of Chicago to Credit Suisse in SF to London, offered his thoughts.

Relevant Thoughts from a Venture Capital Associate, London

So, you’re in finance. What’s the word in London? Are there good opportunities there?

Definitely. Both in London and elsewhere in Europe there are plenty of businesses looking to expand and pull in more business. Speaking other languages – e.g. French, German, Spanish – is a huge advantage that will serve you very well here.

How did you end up doing VC in London? What’s that been like?

I knew what I wanted to do, found out this firm was hiring and was just really proactive. I talked to friends in VC in London and got a referral, which helped a lot.

The interview process was pretty rigorous (phone interviews, in-person interviews in the Silicon Valley and London, lots of back-channel references, etc), but well worth it. The fund is relatively insulated to the crisis since we raised money pre-crash, so we’re doing well. In general investors have an American bend because of VC’s roots in the Silicon Valley, but business is way more formal.

How about your lifestyle there?

The city is a blast – full of creativity and culture. It’s also easy and inexpensive to travel on the weekends. London’s is even more expensive than New York, so I can’t have a large apartment and car like I did in SF, even though you’re making more money. But the lifestyle and travel is well worth it.

What about opportunities beyond finance?

I have friends in entertainment and publishing. There are definitely opportunities in those spaces in London. Soft skills are super valuable, especially in media/entertainment.

Outside of Europe, from what I’ve seen China is the easiest place to get a job as an English-speaker. My brother went there and got a job at Hewlett Packard in marketing really quickly, and my other friend just got promoted VP of Business Development at a solar company – he’s been there less than a year and spoke no Chinese when he arrived.

Finally, what did you think of this interview? Honestly.

Just like a freestyle rap session. Seriously though, enjoyed it very much and hope that it has been helpful to those who read it.

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And if the world’s got you down, try this trusty hip hop standby from days past: Pop. Lock. Repeat.

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Has George W. gone Premium? And other questions of import

Our Premium Jobs have generated a lot of interest from our members (not to mention Businessweek), and a few questions. Whether you’re on the market and curious due to the recession or term limits, we wanted to take a moment to answer them:

Is Premium right for me?
You’re really the best judge of this, if we had to characterize our Premium Jobs here’s what we’d say: several thousand elite opportunities, about half in finance and half in other industries (consulting, media, entertainment and technology are big), mostly in major metro areas (New York, San Francisco, LA, etc), and from the internship to VP level, with a sweet spot at the 2-6 years of experience range. It’s no coincidence that mirrors our community demographics ;). Here’s a quick taste:

Once I Go Premium, can I see the names of the hiring companies?
Absolutely. You’ll have access to the full description of every Premium Job, and can apply to as many as you’d like for the duration of your subscription.

What happens when I submit my application? Where does it go?
ALL of our Premium Jobs go to REAL PEOPLE, i.e. hiring managers. Why should you care? A lot of jobs posted online aren’t advertisements for real openings. If you’ve ever encountered postings tied to generic company inboxes or, worse yet, fake postings by a recruiting agency that’s just collecting resumes, you know how frustrating this is. Not on Doostang – our Premium Jobs are real jobs, with real people and a real inbox behind them. Beat’s a black hole, right?

These jobs are great, but it would be nice to save some money right now. Any discounts?
Damn straight. There are two ways to Go Premium and save. First, all members of our preferred alumni networks are eligible for exclusive discounts up to 40% so, join your school network today. Second, once you go premium, you can refer your friends to Premium and have your membership extended for free every time one of your friends upgrades. And get this – your friends will get a 50% discount, something they will likely appreciate in light of, well, the “R” word.

So, has George W. gone Premium?
Either that or the guys with wires in their ears in an unmarked van outside our office are just the future of bluetooth.

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