Doostang News June 28: Dealing with Rejection – What to Do when You Don’t Get the Job

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Combing through online job boards, sending emails, setting up meetings, dressing the part, and following up all take a lot of focus and can feel exhausting, quite frankly.  But the real sting comes when you’ve gone through the entire process, maybe made it through several rounds of interviews, and then you’re told that the company decided to go with someone else.  Now, it’s easy to check out.  Maybe you’ll send a quick one-liner to the hiring manager or won’t reply at all.  What’s the point anyway?  There is a point actually, and it’s that it is important to keep all of your current and possible work relationships as friendly and open as possible.  Here are a few important reminders, when faced with rejection:

Say Thank You

We cannot stress it enough – it is so important to say thank you every time you interact with someone in the job-hunting process.  And while you didn’t get what you wanted in the end, you must still show gratitude when you are not the one chosen for the job.  Think about it:  the hiring manager probably spent long hours reviewing applicants, making phone calls, and setting up interviews.  The fact that they considered you in the first place, let alone took the process far enough to actually meet with you, shows that they saw something in you.  So reach out to this person like they reached out to you originally.  Ultimately, you want to leave a sweet taste in their mouth so that they will consider you in the future.

Show an Interest in Future Positions

Another thing you can – and should  – do is to flat out ask to be considered for positions that might come up.  This will convey your interest in the company and show that you are eager for further opportunities.  If you make it clear that the position you were just turned down from is not the only position you are willing to consider, the hiring manager will know right where to go when other jobs open up.

Wish them Luck

Make sure to wish the hiring manager the best of luck.  It shows that you are above any hard feelings, and genuinely care about the company – which, after all, is something hiring managers look for in potential candidates.  It gives your final correspondence a confident note and lets you leave on even terms.

There’s no point in being rude or petty when someone turns you down.  After all, you never know when you may encounter them again, so it’s imperative to retain your composure and act as if you were still in the running for the job.  Stay gracious, and you will go far!

Better luck next time,

The Doostang Team