Doostang Success — New Job within a Month of Becoming a Member


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006
Credit Operations Analyst – Northern Trust

“I was referred to Doostang by a friend who had recently found a job through the site.  My initial response was ‘Doostang, what kind of name is that?  I doubt I’ll find a job using it but I’ll give it a shot’.

Prior to becoming a Doostang member, I had obtained a few interview opportunities through recruiters, UofI’s alumni network and referrals, but none of them provided the volume and quality of job postings that Doostang provides.

I was impressed with Doostang’s database of jobs, as well as the ease with which one can apply for jobs and the ability to directly connect with hiring managers (as opposed to getting thrown in a stack of hundreds of other resumes).

Within the first week of being a member, I applied for over ten different jobs. The next week I was contacted by two of the companies that I had applied for and was asked to interview.

The interview process was successful and I started my new job within a month of becoming a Doostang member.

The reason why my success story is most likely common among other members is that with Doostang, candidates have so many quality jobs to choose from that they can narrow their search criteria and find the job opportunities that fit them best.  I’ve already recommended this site to friends and colleagues and when they ask me what Doostang means I just tell them to try out the site, they won’t be disappointed.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Associate – Private Investment & Specialty Finance Firm, White Plains, NY

Sr. Loan Officer – Top National Mortgage Financing Company, Tampa, FL

Investment Research Analyst – Leading Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Boston, MA

Internet Marketing Manager – Premier Online Payments Platform, SF Bay Area, CA

Compliance Analyst – Top Tier Independent Asset Management Firm, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — A Sales Associate Job that Exceeded All Expectations


Washington University in St. Louis, 2010
Sales Operations Associate – Wildfire Interactive

“After six months in my first job post graduation, I realized I was in the wrong environment and needed a change. I figured that based on my past experiences with Doostang, a premium membership would be a worthwhile investment.

In fact, three of my final four options were sourced through Doostang. There’s no way I would currently have found the company that offered me a job (Wildfire Interactive in Palo Alto) without Doostang.

The site features a wider variety of companies and positions than you would normally find in on-campus recruiting. The job I was offered met and exceeded all of my expectations: strategic, quantitative, entrepreneurial environment and fast growth business.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Pre-MBA Associate – Private & Public Equity Investment Management Firm, Boston, MA

Account Executive – Prominent Advertising Agency, Chicago, IL

Summer/Full-Time Analyst – Independent Boutique Investment Bank, Los Angeles, CA

Research Analyst – Premier Strategic Management Consulting Firm, St. Louis, MO

Associate – Premier Real Estate Investment Trust, Long Beach, CA

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Doostang New Jobs This Week: Feb 21 – 27

Doostang has thousands of highly sought after positions at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, Summit Partners, Time Warner, Facebook, and more. Looking to get ahead in your job search? Be the first to apply to these exceptional NEW jobs just posted on Doostang.

Investment Banking Analyst, Conshohocken, PA – Leading National Special Situations Boutique Investment Bank seeks an Investment Banking Analyst.

Marketing Associate, New York, NY – Premier Global Independent Asset Management Firm seeks a Marketing Associate.

Tech M&A Research Analyst, San Francisco, CA – Independent Technology-Industry Analyst Company seeks Research Analyst.

Director of Strategic Alliances, Raleigh, NC – Innovator of Financial Risk Management Software seeks Director of Strategic Alliances.

Financial Analyst, Orlando, FL – Top-Tier Entertainment Firm seeks Financial Analyst.

General Management Career Path, Cleveland, OH – Top Industrial Supply Company seeks to Fill General Management Position.

Associate, SF Bay Area, CA – Next-Generation Private Investment & Advisory Firm seeks an Associate.

Doostang Success — Summer Associate Job and a Full-Time Offer before Summer’s End


Fordham University – JD/MBA, 2010
Sales & Trading Summer Associate – Miller Tabak & Co.
Analyst – Aleutian Capital Group

“As my graduation loomed, I found myself quite anxious regarding my job prospects.  I had exhausted the relevant job postings at a variety of websites and was left with little, if anything, to show for all my hard work.  It was around then that one of my friends recommended Doostang.  I was unsure about the idea of paying monthly fees, but I was assured that it would be worth it.

From the very beginning, I was impressed by Doostang’s listings.

The fact that I could not only send my applications directly to employers, but that I could actually ascertain the time and day that my resume was viewed made me feel like I was actually part of a job application process, rather than a wild goose chase.

Within two weeks I was already scheduling interviews.

I received a Summer Associate position from one of my first Doostang-derived interviews, then, having continued sending out applications throughout the summer, I received a full-time offer from another firm before summer’s end.

Doostang ended up being the most valuable tool in my job search and I recommend it to any and all.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Portfolio Analyst – World’s Largest Manager of Leveraged & Inverse Funds, Bethesda, MD

Chief of Staff – Top Social Gaming Company, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Research Analyst – Boutique Hedge Fund, Palo Alto, CA

Business Strategist – Leader in Innovation Consulting, Alexandria, VA

Equity Research Associate – Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — Choosing from Several Job Offers


Columbia University, 2010
Market Research Analyst – Enova Financial

Doostang is a great website for people looking for jobs in Finance, Consulting and Marketing.

First, it is very well organized by different categories. You can filter out the type of jobs you want and be very specific about companies and job functions.

Second, it saves you a lot of time to not have to fill out different forms. You can tailor your resume to different positions and upload the different versions to the website.

Third, it provides very updated, high quality job opportunities.

I first used Doostang when I was in school looking for an internship, and I found it very useful.  I recommended it to some of my friends, and they all had great experiences with the site.  Then, after graduation, I signed up for a 3-month membership and kept applying.

I received a lot of phone calls, and finally I chose one job in marketing out of several job offers.

In this tough job market, Doostang is so helpful for recent graduates.  Also I was an international student who needed Visa sponsorship, so I really appreciate all the help!”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banker Analyst – Prominent Emerging Markets Investment Bank, New York, NY

Associate Legal Counsel – One of the Largest Securities Lending Agents, Boston, MA

Research Junior Analyst – Leading Hedge Fund of Funds Manager, Stamford, CT

Jr. Consultant – Top-Level Market Research Firm, Chicago, IL

Fund of Funds Analyst – Premier Global Asset Management Company, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — Networking My Way into My Current Position


University of Virginia, 2010
Regional Client Services Manager – Frontier Strategy Group

“I applied to several jobs posted on Doostang.  Though it seemed like it was leading nowhere, I finally got contacted by several consulting companies on the East Coast.

One phone interview set off a number of follow up emails and calls, until finally the company opened a position that they saw as suitable for my skills.

Doostang definitely helped me to network my way into my current position.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

International Research Analyst – Leading Portfolio Strategy Research Firm, New York, NY

Commercial Real Estate Intern – Premier Commercial Real Estate Firm, Los Angeles, CA

Investment Associate – Premier Wealth Management Firm, San Francisco, CA

Marketing Research Analyst – IT Management Software & Solution Company, Boston, MA

Analyst – Leading Wealth Management Company, Miami, FL

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Doostang Success — Private Equity Internships and Venture Capital Jobs



“I left a position in consulting in June 2010 to move into buy-side investing: I wanted to work in either private equity or venture capital. This was an extremely difficult undertaking, especially recruiting ‘off-cycle’ in a down economy, but I was confident that I could pull through.

Within a month of my departure from consulting, I came across a private equity internship through Doostang. Thinking that this was the perfect opportunity, I applied… and got the internship!

While working at my internship, I continued to search for full-time jobs and applied on a weekly basis. I used every resource available to me: multiple headhunters, trade publications (Private Equity Digest, PEHub), career search engines (Indeed, E-Financial Careers) and, of course, Doostang.

Four months into my search, I came across the perfect opportunity in venture capital… again through Doostang! I interviewed and got the job within a week.

Now, I’m looking forward to starting my dream job — and it wouldn’t have been possible without Doostang.

So, thank you, Doostang! You’ve literally helped me turn my career around. I’ll certainly recommend you to all of my friends in the future.”

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$500 Signing Bonus
from Doostang!

Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Equities Trader – Industry-Leading Equity Trading Firm, New York, NY

Assistant Paralegal – National Immigration Law Firm, Boston, MA

Wealth Strategy Associate – World’s Leading Financial Services Firm, San Francisco, CA

Consultant – Sales Management Consulting Firm, Stamford, CT

Associate – Prominent Boutique Financial Advisory Firm, New York, NY

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