Doostang Success – An Opportunity at a Start Up in San Francisco

Stanford 2007, BA Economics
Business Associate – Viagogo

“I signed up for Doostang’s premium membership at the end of my second year at a middle market investment bank. This was mid-2009, and though the market was very bleak, I knew I still wanted to look for something else. I had heard of Doostang before when I was a junior at Stanford. It had just started out of the graduate school of business, I think. Throughout my search period, I also used Stanford’s career website and some networking, gave my resume to headhunters and recruiters, and applied directly on company websites.

However, a significant majority of my interviews came from the applications I’d sent through Doostang, and none came through from the headhunters.

One of the things that I liked about Doostang is that it allows me to be proactive. If I saw something that interested me, there was nothing to stop me from just being assertive and sending my application. I didn’t have to wait and hope that a headhunter would like my resume and background enough to pass on my application to an employer who otherwise would not have had a chance to know I existed.

Applying through Doostang’s website was extremely easy, and sometimes I would get an email with an interview offer hours after I’d sent my application.

Another feature that I found very helpful was the ability to save searches and then have them emailed to me everyday. During the search process I was still working for my old firm, and sometimes I was too busy to go to Doostang and do the searches myself. Having the searches emailed to me daily allowed me to quickly glance at the list of relevant results and bookmark the ones that I would go back to apply for later on. In each saved search email was also a section called “Jobs you might have missed” which were results that might not have fit my criteria exactly but might be close, or they were postings from a day or two ago. These were very useful features because they allowed me to feel that I was still actively searching for opportunities even when I was busy rather than letting opportunities slip by. I felt informed and aware.

I relied on Doostang almost entirely for finding out about job postings and getting interviews. Doostang was good for learning about the breath of opportunities available so that I never really felt like I didn’t have any leads to pursue – so many new jobs are posted everyday.

Through Doostang, I was able to find out about an opportunity at a start up in San Francisco and have recently accepted the offer. This is the type of job that I have been looking for since I started the search process, and I couldn’t be happier.

It is actually a bit of a pleasant surprise that I learned about the opportunity from Doostang, a site that I had gotten used to thinking was geared towards the traditional finance track. However, without Doostang, I probably wouldn’t have known about the opportunity because the start up was going through the personal referrals method before posting on Doostang. I had not seen the opportunity through Stanford’s career website or elsewhere. I am just as happy now to get off the post-ibanking track of corporate development, private equity and hedge funds to explore something entirely different – strategy and operations at an exciting start up.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Financial Analyst – Top-Tier Investment Advisor, New York, NY

Consultant – Leading Global Consultancy Firm, San Francisco, CA

Pre-MBA Associate – Top Tier Global Asset Management Firm, Dallas, TX

Research Associates – Premier Economic Consulting Firm, Washington, DC

Analyst – Prominent Private Equity Firm, New York, NY

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The Doostang Team

Doostang Success – Doostang Works!

University of Chicago, 2006

Doostang works! I was working at a hedge fund in Chicago, but I wanted to get out to San Francisco. In the world of hedge funds, jobs aren’t exactly advertised, especially with the credit crisis and recession still causing lay-offs. My firm was getting PhD’s and MBA’s applying for jobs we would normally have given to kids right out of college. Despite the challenges, I started to look on job boards for a way out west. I was disappointed until I found Doostang.

Doostang offered real-time leads for quality jobs. I was blown away by the level and number of offerings Doostang had listed.

I started applying to financial firms of all flavors, but did not receive any interest. Then one day, I saw a unique opportunity in sales and business development at a tech startup in San Francisco. I applied and – surprisingly – got a call. Four phone and two in-person interviews later, I found myself preparing for a move out to San Francisco to start a completely new career at a fantastic startup.

Without Doostang, I would never have had the chance to move out to San Francisco or plug into the incredible tech startup scene.

Doostang was my portal to a fantastic company, a better career, and a sunny California lifestyle.

Whether you work for a hedge fund or are a recent college graduate, Doostang provides you with the information and the ability to find the job or career that you want. Doostang works!”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Analyst – Premier Financial Research Company, Los Angeles, CA
Director of Event Marketing – Leading Entertainment & Brand Marketing Firm, Chicago, IL
Business Analyst – Top Investment Adviser, New York, NY
Project Manager – Nation’s Leading Media Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles, CA
Hedge Fund Research Analyst – Startup Hedge Fund, Hong Kong, China

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The Doostang Team

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Doostang News Apr2: Start-ups on our Mind…

We’ve got start-up on the brain. The Web 2.0 Expo’s going on in San Francisco this week, The Twitter whale’s working overtime, and company names are becoming verbs, adverbs and – dare we hope – conjunctions en masse.

Many of you have written in and told us you’d like to join a start-up, and we find it hard to disagree, especially after talking to Azeem.

Azeem was kind enough to offer up his experience doing BizDev for a mobile app analytics start-up, and guess what? He was a investment banker before, for those of you looking to transition out.

The Start-up Life at Pinch Media in New York

What’s Pinch Media?

Pinch Media is a smartphone application analytics company, focused on providing app publishers with relevant metrics in gauging usage of their applications. TThe company was founded on April 1, 2008 (yesterday was our one year anniversary!) by Greg Yardley (CEO) and Jesse Rohland (Lead Developer).” I came on board about 6 months ago, as the first business/non-technical hire. We are currently a team of 6 full-time (1 CEO, 1 lead developer, 3 developers, and myself in BD – and we are backed by Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital.

Describe a day in your life doing BizDev there.

Every day at Pinch is different, and I’m usually doing a variety of things at any given time. A large part of my job involves connecting with new strategic partners and potential users, as well as brainstorming opportunities with companies/developers that are currently using our service, but are looking for more. This also entails keeping up on developments in our space (smartphone applications), learning from developers and companies that are doing interesting things, and gauging strategies that might make sense for us to employ. Because the mobile app space is so new (it was really just born in its present form this past year, with the iPhone app-store), there’s always new things to learn. Being at the nexus of this space and helping others learn through us has definitely been fun, and is a constant part of my job.

Needs always change, and the most rewarding part of being at a startup is wearing multiple hats. During fundraising, I spent a large part of my time on strategy and modeling. Right now, I am focusing alot more on operational execution. Evangelization is always a part of the job as well; I have given talks at a few mobile conferences/meetups within the past few months. Altogether, I do not think I could have gotten this rich of an experience anywhere other than at a startup; it’s really great to help build all of these various facets of a company, from the absolute ground up, and I have had a complete blast doing it so far.

How’d you find your job?

I was particularly interested in either pursuing venture capital, or business development and/or strategy at a VC-backed startup. I reached out directly to a number of companies in the New York area, specifically those backed by some of the more prominent east coast VCs (like Union Square Ventures, in this case). I met the team at Pinch, felt positively about the opportunity; the team felt likewise, and here I am now.

The one important thing I realized in pursuing a business role at a startup (and at seed-stage VCs for that matter), is that the process can be an “entrepreneurial” one, in and of itself. Pinch Media did not have an actual position in place; I reached out, and there was a mutual fit, so I was brought on board. This process is similar to that of many others I know, who currently work at startups.

What’s the transition from banking to a start-up been like? What advice do you have for those looking to make a similar transition?

I had been looking to ultimately enter a bd/strategy role at a startup ever since I started my career in investment banking (I was at Houlihan Lokey before transitioning into my current position). I have worked mostly on M&A transactions and some private/venture-stage financings, in the tech and interactive media space; so, having an intimate familiarity with digital/interactive media and tech companies via the deals I have done certainly helped.

Nonetheless, at first I was a little worried that I was ill-prepared for the type of position I wanted; most friends of mine in similar roles come from a management consulting background. However, I found that my skill sets from banking were definitely transferable: systematic way of analyzing companies, modeling during fundraising, and even softer skills like tracking deal pipelines (did not realize how important this was until this job), being able to manage a general deal process etc etc.

The biggest difference from finance is learning to work in a completely unstructured environment. If you are the entrepreneurial type, this is the perfect environment to thrive in; however, coming from investment banking, it still takes some time to get rid of your “analyst/associate” mindset. Of course, this depends on the size of the startup in question; but on the whole, you have alot more room for exploration and intellectual curiosity: very different environment from investment banking. And in fact, at a startup, exploration and intellectual curiousity are absolute necessities, given the job.

In terms of finding a job like this, to reiterate, the biggest advice I have is to approach the process in an entrepreneurial fashion; do not rely on headhunters, etc., but instead, directly reach out to startups (and their VCs, as they keep a pulse on roles that need to be filled for portfolio companies) regardless of whether they have positions listed. And of course, apply to roles you find on Doostang, Startuply, and other sites you come across.

Has your experience impacted your career plans? How?

It definitely has; I have a much clearer picture of what I like and dislike about tech entrepreneurship, and this has made me alot smarter about my options going forward. The good thing about working for a startup is having the option to learn on someone else’s account, so to speak; if/when I decide to found a company, I’ll have the professional maturity of having essentially gone through it once before, which is clearly a positive.

Venture capital and/or growth private equity are strong and very natural career directions as well; having first-hand operational experience will tremendously help in pursuing roles in either of these fields (versus only having advisory experience).

View Azeem’s profile.. Learn more about Pinch Media.

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Finding a start-up job on Doostang

Start-up job listings have found a natural home on Doostang. We’re a Silicon Valley startup ourselves, and we have a strong track record placing venture capitalists who often help their portfolio companies recruit through Doostang.

Even as we type, there are a bunch of cool opportunities out there – doing BD (like Azeem!) in New York for early stage advertising start-up or in London for a green start-up, Product management in LA for a car-pricing information service, even online marketing for Doostang. ;)

Beyond listings, don’t forget Azeem’s point about being entrepreneurial in your search itself. Start-ups change – quickly – and most don’t have in-house recruiters. What does this mean for you? That often creating the opportunity in a start-up is the name of the game. If you know a company you want to work for, search for people who work there. If you don’t, check out your inside connections on our start-up listings and ask for advice. Network, be hungry, foolish, network. Repeat.

Our members have gotten jobs at AdBrite, Facebook, Yelp, The Frontier Strategy Group and more. You can get a cool start-up job too – just be open-minded in your approach.

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Whatever you do, just don’t make a grown man cry. 10 bucks to the first person to get that reference.

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