Doostang Success – Incomparable Volume and Quality of Job Postings

University of Pennsylvania, 2007

“Within one month of being laid off, I was able to get a job offer through Doostang.

No other job resource – not even my own Ivy League University’s Alumni Careers site – compares to both the volume and quality of job postings on Doostang

I was able to conduct a targeted job search which was faster and more effective than relying on recruiters or tapping my network. If you want to manage your job search, you should be using Doostang.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banking Analyst Intern, Leading Investment Banking Firm (Los Angeles, CA)
Consultant – Global Financial Services Consulting Firm (San Francisco, CA)
Portfolio Management Assistant – Global Asset Management Company (New York, NY)
Marketing Analyst – Premier Online Lender (Chicago, IL)
Senior Investment Analyst – Premier Institutional Investment Management Firm (Washington, DC)

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The employers are raving about the quality of candidates they find on Doostang – see for yourself:

“After posting on Doostang, there was no other reason to list anywhere else. Doostang had all of the qualified candidates that we could ever hope for.”

- Michael, Principal, Panorama Capital

Doostang has become an invaluable source for BizOps-caliber candidates. Our hit rate from our is ~1 hire out of every 1,000+ resumes submitted, whereas we’ve already hired someone from Doostang on a base of ~20 resumes. We recently hired a new Associate, who we sourced from Doostang. She’s a superstar who we likely wouldn’t have found without Doostang’s high-quality network.”

- Parker, Business Operations, Google

“We found Doostang highly effective. We received high quality resumes and were not hassled with being inundated by non-qualified individuals. We ended up hiring an Associate who we found through Doostang who was an Ivy League undergrad and MBA graduate, worked at a top 3 management consulting firm and had highly relevant operating experience.”

- Alex, Principal, Spark Capital

Doostang is where we go when we want the best candidates.”

- Kim, Senior Manager, Worldwide Recruitment and Executive Search, Time

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Doostang Success: Staying Aware of the Market Through Doostang and Landing The Perfect Job

Duke, 2006

“I joined Doostang on the advice of a colleague when I left my management consulting firm during the market downturn. I wasn’t in a hurry to start anything new at the time – planned on taking time off for a honeymoon at the very least – but I also knew that it’s never too soon to be aware of what’s out there.

I used the customized saved searches feature to create a daily email that contained job postings very specific to what I was looking for by a number of criteria. Specifically, I used key words of “MBA,” “Strategy,” and “Consulting,” and also filtered levels of experience and geographic preferences.

The result was that by checking my daily alerts, I was pretty up to date on what companies were actively on the market, and also I could recognize new opportunities that just came out. I had alternative searches set up to monitor relevant opportunities outside my home area, again to be aware of the market. Amazingly, I even checked out one random opportunity that ended up being posted by a former classmate and close personal friend. It’s a small world sometimes.

When a local posting that was a perfect match for my needs eventually came up in my daily alert, I literally had a resume submitted, a first response back from the company, and an interview lined up within an hour.

After one phone interview, and one afternoon of rapid fire interviews in the office, I had an offer after one week. I’ve now been on the job two months, and already realize what a great improvement I’ve made in my career path.”

– A great example of how specific features of the Doostang website can jump-start your job search!

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Have You Heard What People Are Saying About Doostang?

Here is what other users have to say about their experience with Doostang – and the real difference Doostang made in their job search.

After using many recruiters and job boards, I was about to give up on my job search when a friend invited me to Doostang. I immediately responded to a Sales & Trading position at JP Morgan, interviewed within the week and was invited back for two other rounds. I got the position two weeks ago – less than a month since joining Doostang.

-Wesleyan class of 2005

Transferring from Private Equity to Public Market/Credit Investing is not the easiest thing to do. That is unless you have access to the thousands of excellent Premium Jobs on Doostang. After interviewing for a few weeks along the West Coast, I’m very happy to have accepted my position at Medley Capital.”

-UPenn class of 2004

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Through the website, I landed a great private equity job at Summit Partners. Without Doostang, I never would have made that crucial connection to someone in my network who already worked at Summit. Keep up the great work on the awesome site!

-Stanford class of 2006

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