Doostang Success — VP Position in the Venture Capital / Private Equity Space


Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management, 2007
Vice President – TriplePoint Capital

“I have used numerous sites to look for job postings that were relevant for what I was looking for in the Venture Capital / Private Equity space. In April 2009 I came across a position for a Senior Associate/Vice President at my firm.

I am happy to say, thanks to Doostang I was hired by my firm and have been here for almost a year now.

Your service and the quality of postings on the site are phenomenal and a testament to the quality of recruiters that post positions. Good work Doostang!”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Associate – Multi-strategy Investment Firm, New York, NY

Business Analyst – Boutique Strategy Consulting Firm, Boston, MA

Equity Research Associate, Wireless – Research-Centric Boutique Investment Bank, San Francisco, CA

Client HR Business Partner – Global Leader in HR Services, Houston, TX

Sr. Analyst/Associate – Premier Investment Banking Institution, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — Private Equity Internships and Venture Capital Jobs



“I left a position in consulting in June 2010 to move into buy-side investing: I wanted to work in either private equity or venture capital. This was an extremely difficult undertaking, especially recruiting ‘off-cycle’ in a down economy, but I was confident that I could pull through.

Within a month of my departure from consulting, I came across a private equity internship through Doostang. Thinking that this was the perfect opportunity, I applied… and got the internship!

While working at my internship, I continued to search for full-time jobs and applied on a weekly basis. I used every resource available to me: multiple headhunters, trade publications (Private Equity Digest, PEHub), career search engines (Indeed, E-Financial Careers) and, of course, Doostang.

Four months into my search, I came across the perfect opportunity in venture capital… again through Doostang! I interviewed and got the job within a week.

Now, I’m looking forward to starting my dream job — and it wouldn’t have been possible without Doostang.

So, thank you, Doostang! You’ve literally helped me turn my career around. I’ll certainly recommend you to all of my friends in the future.”

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Here’s a small sample of the great jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Equities Trader – Industry-Leading Equity Trading Firm, New York, NY

Assistant Paralegal – National Immigration Law Firm, Boston, MA

Wealth Strategy Associate – World’s Leading Financial Services Firm, San Francisco, CA

Consultant – Sales Management Consulting Firm, Stamford, CT

Associate – Prominent Boutique Financial Advisory Firm, New York, NY

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Doostang Success — Breaking into the Finance / Business Industry

Stanford University, 2008
Consultant – London International Group

“I am a graduate from Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering and UC Irvine with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. After working in the Structural Engineering industry for over two years I decided that I wanted to try finance/business. Not knowing much about the industry I started my job hunt by doing online research and networking as much as I could. I contacted friends, family, and anyone I knew in the industry. I also browsed my alumni networks for any job postings.

After a week or two of research and networking, one of my friends mentioned a website called Doostang. So I decided to check it out and browse some of the jobs. The jobs looked very promising and I decided to sign up for the three-month membership.

I began applying and within a week or two I got a response from a consulting firm and they asked me to come in for a first round interview. After a couple of weeks I finally got the job.

Doostang was an essential part of my job search. The site is very organized, and the search function is great for browsing jobs.

By applying through Doostang I really felt that my cover letters and resumes were being read by the right people.

I was even notified by email whenever my resume was downloaded, which showed that someone in the company had a chance to see it.

Trying to break into the finance/business industry as an engineering major as opposed to a finance major was tough, especially since I didn’t really have the right connections, but Doostang provided those all important connections for me and I highly recommend the Premium Membership to anyone who is serious about finding a great job.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Business Analyst – Leading Real Estate Development Firm, New York, NY

Copy Editor – Leading News Provider, Washington, DC

Market Research Analyst – Diversified Financial Services Firm, Los Angeles, CA

Recruiter – Established Global Recruitment Agency, New York, NY

Post MBA Sr. Associate – Premier Venture Capital Firm, Austin, TX

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Doostang Success — A Newly Created Venture Capital Associate Job

UPenn 2002, NYU Stern 2007
Venture Capital Associate – Kaplan, Inc

“I found my current Venture Capital Associate position at Kaplan, Inc.’s newly created venture capital investing subsidiary through Doostang.

I was previously an investment banker, and Doostang was more helpful in facilitating the traditionally difficult transition from the ‘sell side’ to the ‘buy side’ of finance than any recruiters I worked with, other websites, or even my personal networking efforts.

Fundamentally, Doostang did a better job of (1) posting only high-quality jobs, (2) enabling me to search regularly (through saved searches) on key terms, and (3) providing a clean application interface than any other resource I leveraged in my job search.”

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Here’s a small sample of the exceptional jobs you’ll find on Doostang:

Investment Banking Analyst Intern – Investment Banking Firm, Santa Monica, CA

Project Manager – Top Business & Technology Consulting Firm, Dallas, TX

Analyst – Leading Restructuring Advisory Firm, New York, NY

Customer Care Director/Manager, Provider of Shopping Solutions, Lexington, MA

Strategic Ventures Analyst – Global Payments Technology Company, SF Bay Area, CA

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Mareza goes back to school

I was fortunate enough to return to Stanford Business School on Sunday night for a dinner with the admits in the Class of 2011. The first person to greet me was the Director of Admissions for Stanford’s MBA Program, Derrick Bolton. I don’t know how he does it but Derrick always puts together extremely talented and well rounded classes, and the Class of 2011 is no exception. Private equity professionals, consultants, screenwriters, media gurus, non-profit leaders. I would say that there were 200 or so admits present at the dinner. Which made me start to think…


Stanford is one of the smaller business schools, with approximately 350 students admitted each year. In fact over 10,000 students enroll in The Top 25 US MBA Programs each year. That’s over 10,000 excellent jobs in fields such as finance, consulting, media & entertainment that started to open up in January, around the same time that Derrick started calling those first round applicants to tell them that they had been offered a place in Stanford’s MBA Class of 2011. And to prove it, here are just a few Premium Jobs that have been posted on Doostang over the past few days:

Venture Capital Analyst, Centripetal Capital Partners, Stamford, CT

Senior Analyst, VoD Sales Planning & Analysis, Warner Bros, Burbank, CA

Real Estate Intern, Mesa West Capital, Los Angeles, CA

What if I am a post MBA, I hear you ask? Well, here are some great Premium Jobs posted over the past few days for you:

Engagement Manager, Keystone Strategy, San Francisco, CA

Senior Equity Analyst, L/S Hedge Fund, HIG Capital, Miami, FL

MBA Marketing Intern, LucasFilm Entertainment Company, San Francisco, CA

Now that bonus season is coming to an end, we are starting to see a considerable amount of movement at the post MBA level, which will lead to thousands more career opportunities for you. We are working tirelessly at Doostang to bring these thousands upon thousands of great career opportunities to our Premium Members.

As I walked towards my car to drive home, I started to think about Doostang’s first days back in 2005 while I was still an MBA student at Stanford. If it hadn’t been for Derrick accepting me as a member of the Class of 2006, there wouldn’t be a Doostang today.

Thank you Derrick.


Jobs in different area codes, area codes

Sweet Premium Jobs

Jr. Equity Trader, Goldman Sachs, New York, NY
Associate, Corporate Strategy, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA
Private Equity Principal, Alcuin Capital, London, UK
Investment Banking Summer Analyst, Lazard, New York, NY
Quantitative Researcher, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mclean, VA
Private Equity Fund of Funds Analyst, Hamilton Lane, PA

We’re one day closer to the weekend and, judging from this week’s news, we all need it. Between Dow Jones disturbia and hip hop celebri-relationship disturbia… Remind us again what those problems were exactly when there was mo’ money?

The good news: we’ve got thousands of excellent opportunities on Doostang to keep you inspired, both here in the US and around the world. Today we turn our glances to international job markets to get perspective for those considering a move elsewhere. A friend of Doostang, who went from U of Chicago to Credit Suisse in SF to London, offered his thoughts.

Relevant Thoughts from a Venture Capital Associate, London

So, you’re in finance. What’s the word in London? Are there good opportunities there?

Definitely. Both in London and elsewhere in Europe there are plenty of businesses looking to expand and pull in more business. Speaking other languages – e.g. French, German, Spanish – is a huge advantage that will serve you very well here.

How did you end up doing VC in London? What’s that been like?

I knew what I wanted to do, found out this firm was hiring and was just really proactive. I talked to friends in VC in London and got a referral, which helped a lot.

The interview process was pretty rigorous (phone interviews, in-person interviews in the Silicon Valley and London, lots of back-channel references, etc), but well worth it. The fund is relatively insulated to the crisis since we raised money pre-crash, so we’re doing well. In general investors have an American bend because of VC’s roots in the Silicon Valley, but business is way more formal.

How about your lifestyle there?

The city is a blast – full of creativity and culture. It’s also easy and inexpensive to travel on the weekends. London’s is even more expensive than New York, so I can’t have a large apartment and car like I did in SF, even though you’re making more money. But the lifestyle and travel is well worth it.

What about opportunities beyond finance?

I have friends in entertainment and publishing. There are definitely opportunities in those spaces in London. Soft skills are super valuable, especially in media/entertainment.

Outside of Europe, from what I’ve seen China is the easiest place to get a job as an English-speaker. My brother went there and got a job at Hewlett Packard in marketing really quickly, and my other friend just got promoted VP of Business Development at a solar company – he’s been there less than a year and spoke no Chinese when he arrived.

Finally, what did you think of this interview? Honestly.

Just like a freestyle rap session. Seriously though, enjoyed it very much and hope that it has been helpful to those who read it.

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Doostang comes to Wharton

In other news, we are proud and excited to announce a new partnership with the MBA Career Management Center. Starting soon, all Wharton MBA candidates who are still on the hunt will receive complimentary Premium Memberships courtesy of the MBA Career Management Center. We look forward to helping Wharton students broaden their access to the great opportunities they deserve.

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And if the world’s got you down, try this trusty hip hop standby from days past: Pop. Lock. Repeat.

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Finding your dream job in a recession is like shooting a fish in a barrel. It’s tiring, your target’s a damn fish, and you have to listen to advice-givers around you use empty business clichés like “fish in a barrel.”

We’ll spare you watered-down career e-vice and talk of “recession-busting” until we run out of things to do. For now, we’d rather spend our time finding the really great opportunities out there and bringing them to our exceptional members.

That’s a medium way of saying, if you haven’t checked out our Premium Jobs yet, it’s about time:

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