Doostang News July 5: Give Yourself a Break – How to Avoid Work on Vacation

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Summer break is finally upon the hordes of schoolchildren and college co-eds.  Hooray for them, right?  Meanwhile, you’re still stuck in the office June through August, missing out on hot, lazy weekdays and prime pool hours.  So when your precious vacation is finally upon you, what are the first things you check to make sure you have?  If you’re like the majority of modern men and women, you’re probably carrying on board a laptop and cell phone that your coworkers can reach you on.  Americans have a penchant for working on vacation, when it’s all things “work” that they’re trying to leave behind.  Here’s some friendly advice for leaving the office for a couple glorious weeks each year:

Delegate Tasks to Others

In the days and weeks leading up to your time off, start making notes of important details, deadlines, and contact information so that you can easily pass off your responsibilities to someone else while you are away.  Start familiarizing those people with the tasks that will be left to them so that the whole office can function smoothly in your absence.

Plan around Busy Periods

If you know you are always busy around a certain time of year, make sure to plan your vacation well in advance of this time or a little ways beyond it.  Similarly, if you have a big deadline to meet, make sure your vacation won’t coincide with it.  A vacation is meant to be stress-free, so don’t travel at a time when your presence in the office is vital.

Set Limits for Yourself

If you absolutely must do work while away, set a reasonable schedule for yourself and stick to it.  Don’t leave all of your contact information while away for the entire office, but instead, leave an emergency phone number for one or two people in case it is imperative that they get ahold of you.  Allot half an hour each day to think about work, and let your coworkers know that you will check in with them instead of having them get in touch with you in a way that interferes with your time off.

You work hard year round…so when you finally get some time off, enjoy yourself.  It’s important that life back at the office doesn’t spiral out of control while you’re away, but it’s equally important that you get some relaxing downtime so that you don’t have a meltdown and complicate office matters on your own.

Bon voyage!

The Doostang Team