The Happiest Cities to Work in Right Now

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What is your happiness based on? Does it simply have something to do with how hot or cold it is outside? Your happiness can be affected by money, work environment, the state of your house, your sex life or even the air quality of which you breathe. It’s all very personal. When it comes to your career, though, it’s pretty clear that most employees just want a positive work culture and the opportunity to move up.

Using a compilation of responses from more than 36,000 employees about their workplace happiness levels, Forbes lists “The Happiest and Unhappiest Cities to Work in Right Now.” Gaged and analyzed by career site, the list ranks employees’ responses about co-workers, bosses, reward systems, growth opportunities and more. Interested in relocating to a happy place? Pack your bag — here’s a sampling of the happy list.

1. Dayton, Ohio

With an overall score of 4.02 out of 5, Dayton ranked No. 1 on the happiest cities to work in right now list. Dayton ranked so high because workers reported high levels of satisfaction with their company, boss and co-workers. Also scoring high on the list for Ohio residents was job resources, growth opportunities, support at work, the way they work and the work they do.

The birthplace of aviation, Dayton sits where I-70 east/west and I-75 north/south (a busy American crossroad) meet. While there are diverse accommodations, Dayton apartments and homes are affordable and surrounded by beautiful parks and trails. There are fabulous shopping, dining, cultural performances and world-class attractions in and around the city.

2. Memphis, Tenn.

Scoring fourth on Forbes’s happiest places list is Memphis, where employees enjoy the work they do and the way they work most of all. They also seem to be quite happy with the companies they work for. Memphis is a vibrant city full of soul food and music. It’s the “Home of Blues” and the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” as touted by the Official Guide to Memphis. With the tasty Southern cuisine (some of the best BBQ in the world), a happenin’ music scene on Beale Street and Elvis Presley’s breathtaking home Graceland, often people come to Memphis for a visit and want to stay forever.

3. Pittsburg, Pa.

In Pittsburg, employees ranked the way in which they worked quite high. It’s not surprising considering the Steele City ranked No. 1 on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s list of Top Ten Most Livable Cities in the U.S., and the city ranked 29th on the global list. Other best lists the city made are as mentioned at

  • Top large city of the future by fDi Magazine
  • One of the top 20 destinations in the world by National Geographic Traveler
  • Seventh best city in which to retire by Forbes
  • Second best city to buy a home by Forbes

4. St. Louis, Mo.

With the Gateway Arch, a Six Flags amusement park, beloved sports teams (MLB Cardinals and NFL Rams), art, culture and history, it shouldn’t come to any surprise that St. Louis ranks ninth on the Forbes happiest cities to work list. St. Louis workers like who they work with and for the most. The story reports the city doesn’t “suck” and is a great place to live, work and raise kids. St. Louis is home to nice parks, good schools, a strong corporate base, activities for young and old and most importantly tasty food.

Come on people, get happy.

For the complete list of the happiest and worst cities to work in, check it out on CareerBliss, here.

About the Author: While Belle Hammond does love her home in Texas, she gets excited every time she has the opportunity to travel to another city, country or resort. Belle offers her readers a first-hand account on the amenities, cost and pros and cons of every place she visits.

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