Wake Up! 4 Tips for Staying Alert at the Office

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If you’re the type of person who starts their day off by hitting the snooze button, then you’re liable to be the person nodding off before lunchtime.  It’s difficult to stay awake at work in the first place – sitting in the same spot for hours on end, staring at a computer screen, and perhaps engaging in mundane work all day. But at the end of the day (at all times of the day, really) it’s important to stay alert and on top of things, if only to appease the man (or woman) in charge.

Follow these four tips to make your day as productive as possible and ensure you’re only catchy quality Z’s at bedtime.

Eat a Good Breakfast

You probably know this one, but it bears repeating: start your day off right by eating a good, hearty breakfast full of carbohydrates and protein for energy and endurance. No need to spend superfluous amounts of time cooking up a meal worthy of Mom – go for something quick and simple; a bagel or fruit with peanut butter or a breakfast shake you can just grab and go.

Get Some Sunshine

Exposing yourself to bright light is a great way to jolt yourself into consciousness, especially if this light is natural. Take ten or fifteen minutes to wander outside, take a quick walk and grab some coffee. An added benefit to the sunshine is the opportunity to get your muscles moving and blood pumping as you take a spin around the block.

Take a Power Nap

Just twenty minutes of sleep during the day can do wonders for your energy level if you’re feeling exhausted. So if you have a place you can go during the day – a break room or even your car – use your break time as an opportunity to get some shut eye before you return refreshed to the daily grind.

Don’t Sit Still

The more you can get up from your desk throughout the day, the more alert you’ll remain. This does not mean that you should give yourself free reign to wander around the office and slack off. But if you need to talk to a coworker, get up and walk to their desk instead of sending an email. Or walk to get a glass of water, which is especially helpful, as staying hydrated will keep you more awake. In addition to giving small boosts to your energy level, these short trips will also provide the small breaks from your work that may prove vital to your sanity throughout the day.

Maybe in Fairytale-land we could all get twelve hours of sleep, spend a full day at work, and still have room for lives at the end of it all, but unfortunately that’s just not the case. In the midst of our ever-busier schedules, sleep is often the first thing to go but with these tips, it doesn’t mean our daily lives and work obligations need to suffer.

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