What Questions Should I Ask in a Job Interview?


YouTern recently posted “The Top 25 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview”, broken down into seven categories: Culture Fit, Longevity, Testing the Recruiter’s Passion, Teamwork, Learning, Getting the Job, and Closing Well. You can use these questions to connect with your interviewer, and figure out if you are truly interested in the position.

Here is a general overview of the type of information you should try to get from an interview:

Culture Fit
Are you the right person to fill the specific position? Will you fit in with the general company culture?
What is the potential for advancement?
Testing the Recruiter’s Passion
Is the company a great place to work?
Do people work together? How can you contribute to the existing dynamic?
What types of educational or mentorship opportunities are available?
Getting the Job
How can you show the employer that you are serious about the getting job?
Closing Well
What are the next steps? How can you get the final offer?

What types of questions do you ask during an interview?

See the full article here.


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